Yang Zi has a new boyfriend. She is the role model of ordinary girls.

 Yang Zi has a new boyfriend. She is the role model of ordinary girls.

Yang Zi has many popular dramas, and Xiao Zhan has become the new wall of this year with the help of the petition. This time, the two traffic forces have joined hands, and the sugar sisters are afraid to faint with happiness.

A brief introduction to the characters in the play: Yang Zi plays the heroine of Lin Zhi school, who is a student of music department and a cellist.

Xiao Zhans role is to destroy hegemony. He plays a mature and intelligent surgeon. He is usually a lonely person with high coldness. Until he meets the hostess, his inner iceberg begins to melt and gradually becomes warm and outgoing.

Do you know how sweet the plot will be? Go, go, sister Yi, take away this girls heart!

In retrospect, Yang Zizhen was seen by the whole nation as a child. From her sister Xiaoxue in family with children to now, she has become the mainstay of young actresses. The saying 18 changes of women is just folk wisdom! Yang Zi was 13 years old when she starred in family has children. From the time when she was a yellow haired girl, she gradually changed into a light mature girl under the eyes of the audience.

In 2004, Yang Zi in the light snow stage was just like all junior high school students who were just growing up, with a sense of flesh on his face, and the schools uniform requirements for a good students essential hairstyle -- tight to the extreme smooth high ponytail, the whole person had no sense of fashion, and could only say learning is very good at a glance... Dont laugh, your photos in junior high school are absolutely the same!

Every girl will go through that period of puberty with acne and obesity, and Yang Zi is no exception. The 20-year-old Yang Zi can be said to be fat to a new height, but its Liu Xing after growing up, but shes getting thinner and thinner... Yang Zi vowed to lose weight to two figures, and Zhang Yishan, as a good friend, told her: that may be your lifelong task.

2013 Yangzi Zhang Yishans dad goes home

Flowers are not flowers, fog is not fog by Yang Zi and Deng Lun in 2013

(I didnt expect that Mingming was only six years ago, when the painting style of TV plays was so earthy...)

But its a blessing in disguise. Although Yang Zi has been running on the road of gaining weight during her college life, she has also received some serious characters with her naive image at that time.

2011 happiness knocks on the door

Mind skill in 2012

Battle of Changsha in 2014

Although Yang Zis acting skills have been recognized, but this kind of simple and simple image with a sense of age is not the goal of little monkey purple. So after graduating from College (also for the needs of filming Qingyun Zhi at that time), Yang Zi began to lose weight seriously.

Qingyunzhi in 2016

How significant is the effect of weight loss? Until one day in 2015, Yang Zi suddenly posted such a self portrait on Weibo. A kind of

Also from this moment on, Yang Zis Transformation Road officially started. After that, the characters she received were either ancient costume big IP or fashionable modern drama. Yang Zi, who cherished feathers, was more and more strict in choosing the script.

2018 fragrant honey sinks like frost

Next, a group of Qiu Yingyings sniper attack was inserted. All the netizens who read Ode to joy said that no one can live Qiu Yingying except Yang Zi.

Maybe, in your teens, you loved black and white and gray, and thought that was the way to express your cool. However, sister Yi Zhenxiang warns: after 25 years old, you will definitely like pink more and more. (I dont know whats the scientific reason behind this, but the people who have asked about it are always trying)

Yang Zi is no exception. Her private clothes often have pink. Pink doesnt look tender at all. Its elegant and fresh when used well. For example, its safe to choose baby pink. A kind of

Sister Yi sees too many girls in the street. She lets her long and baggy T-shirt go on her hips. Her skirt is not enough and her blouse is surplus. There is only one effect at a distance: no legs.

Not everyone has the two meter long legs of supermodel figure, so do the female stars. But the thing that female stars are a little smarter than us is that they use their waistlines to cheat.

Skirt also has the same principle, just raise the waist line and its done. A kind of

Adults, cool and sexy

After 20 years of being a good baby, adults should have some adult charm! Add some cool or sexy elements to the everyday style, and every little change will be a big surprise. You will find that after the age of 25, charm is more precious than beauty!

A simple black leather dress, with a pure white interior, highlights the right shoulder of Yang Zi after losing weight, making her cool and refreshing. A kind of

A little exposure of fragrant shoulder and clavicle can not only elongate the line of neck, make the posture look more slender and straight, but also enhance the charming power of light mature girls. A kind of

Yang Zis growth is not ordinary, but also ordinary. She has no female star aura of non cannibalism. Just like every ordinary girl, she will also have the trouble of losing weight and the effort to become beautiful. Be generous when you are in love and happy when you are single. Because the character is sincere and lovely, it also gains the rare reputation of good popularity in the entertainment circle. Friends are everywhere, men and women eat all, and it is suitable for all ages.

Yang Zis childhood self

There are always topics like want to live as XXX on the Internet, but in sister Yis opinion, its good for girls to live as Yang Zi, and its good to be a happy girl who works hard and is ordinary! Source: Netease fashion Author: Netease fashion editor in charge: Liu qianyi_nb12476

There are always topics like want to live as XXX on the Internet, but in sister Yis opinion, its good for girls to live as Yang Zi, and its good to be a happy girl who works hard and is ordinary!