Chiles president announced the cancellation of the upcoming APEC summit and climate conference

 Chiles president announced the cancellation of the upcoming APEC summit and climate conference

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Oct. 30, according to AFP, Chile announced that it would cancel the APEC leaders informal meeting and climate conference, which were scheduled to be held in Santiago in November and December, respectively.

Since the 14th of this month, Santiago, the capital of Chile, has witnessed a series of protests against the price hike of the bus system. President Pinera declared a state of emergency in Santiago in the early morning of the 19th, and the military imposed a curfew in Santiago on the same day.

Chiles foreign minister Teodoro Rivera said in an interview with the media on the 24th that it is expected that the informal meeting of leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to be held in Chile in mid November will be held as scheduled, and the Chilean government will take appropriate measures to ensure the success of the meeting. Rivera also said that Chiles Ministry of foreign affairs has communicated with APEC economies on the domestic situation, that there has been no change in the confirmation of attendance received by the conference, and that preparations for the conference are advancing.

Chiles president reorganizes the cabinet to replace eight ministers including the interior minister

Chiles government and commercial institutions are back to normal operation after the Chilean military announced the lifting of the curfew across the country on the evening of the 26th local time and the cancellation of the national emergency from 0:00 on the 28th. On the previous 24 days, Chiles foreign minister ribella said that the 2019 APEC leaders informal meeting and the UN climate conference will be held as scheduled in November and December, and Chile will continue to carry out relevant organizational preparations. At present, with the announcement of a new social reform plan and cabinet restructuring by the president of Chile, domestic tensions have eased.

An unprecedented March of 1.2 million people in Chile Maduro: the people of Chile stand up

The anti-government demonstration in Chile attracted the attention of Venezuelan President Maduro. The latter has repeatedly voiced support for the demonstrators, saying the Chilean people have stood up. He was even suspected of sponsoring the demonstration. Today, he sent a congratulatory message to the Chilean demonstrators, congratulating them on their rise against Neo liberalism, long live Chile.