My father is still working at the construction site at the age of 60: my parents are still struggling, how can you be pretentious?

 My father is still working at the construction site at the age of 60: my parents are still struggling, how can you be pretentious?

The more middle-aged people are, the less they should give up, the more they should try to break the situation and run as fast and as far as possible before they cant move.


Parents are still fighting

Whats your pretense?

A while ago, brother Rui was always worried and always yelled to leave.

Since June this year, Ruige team has changed to 996 working system (9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days a week).

Ruige, who graduated from a 985 University in Beijing four years ago with a masters degree, has a good technical level, but his monthly salary is only 28K. Among the students with the same conditions, he belongs to the lower middle position, coupled with the hard work, he increasingly wants to leave.

Rui elder brother once calculated an account for me, after removing five insurances and one gold and personal income tax, the monthly turnover is only 20K.

Although he has been very diligent and thrifty, he takes the subway and rice to the company every day, dare not fall in love, rarely attend parties and buy clothes, but after removing the hard expenditures such as rent, he can only have 12K left each month.

Brother Rui is very angry. When is he going to be a leader? He is so tired that he cant earn any money. Lets leave as soon as possible.

A few days ago, when I was eating in the hotpot restaurant downstairs, brother Rui suddenly said that he would not quit first and was ready to work hard.

It turns out that brother Tian Rui accidentally found out on QQ that his father walked more than 5W steps every day for half a month in a row. When he called home, he knew that his father, who had been farming before, had found a job in the towns construction site because he couldnt make money farming.

I sometimes think that my father doesnt have to do anything if I have some skills.

I asked my uncle why he had to work so hard. I dont have to earn much money at this age.

Rui elder brother bowed his head and said: I havent found a girlfriend these years. My father thinks its because the family conditions are poor and no one can see me. He wants to make more money while still working.

I said that you dont leave?

He shook his head and said, my father is still fighting hard. Whats my qualification for affectation?


Life in suspense:

When you find the mission to defend

You will grow up quickly

I have always thought that people will not mature slowly, but to a certain ridge, suddenly mature. At that moment, or on that threshold, you will find that you are the pillar of your family. That sense of responsibility will make you put down all affectation, put down all unreality, sigh that if you have more ability, think that if you had tried harder at the beginning, it would be better. I once saw a story shared by blogger leisure Lu: before the heart stent operation, doctors usually ask you whether to use domestic stent or imported stent. The imported stent is more expensive than the domestic stent.

There is an old man who is going to have stent surgery. The doctor asks his son, a middle-aged man, which one to use. The doctor didnt mean anything else. He wasnt trying to sell expensive stents. He said casually, your father is old and doesnt put an imported stent? The middle-aged mans face was red. When I went to the canteen for lunch, I saw the man squatting on the ground, crying, calling to borrow money, and borrowing money from domestic brackets. He said he was laid off, and his family didnt know.


Middle age

I was hit at the first sight.

People are different from people by nature. Although all roads lead to Rome, some people are born directly in Rome, some people are born on the way to Rome, and even some people are born in the place where they are born, which makes it difficult for them to go to Rome.

When you understand this, the more middle-aged people, the more should not give up, but the more should try to find a way to break the situation, before running, try to run faster and farther.

As many people know, my first job was in a newspaper office within the system. At that time, I signed an agreement because I had a Beijing hukou. I could not leave within six years after I got the hukou, or I would have to pay 20W liquidated damages.

After working for two years, I borrowed a lot of money to pay the 20W, and resolutely left the newspaper office to join the Internet.

On the one hand, I am not satisfied with the present, on the other hand, I have no expectation of the future.

When I first worked, with various subsidies, my monthly salary was only 1962 yuan; later, my monthly salary increased to 3600 yuan; after another years work, my monthly salary increased to 4900 yuan.

In Beijing, where the monthly rent of the second bedroom is more than 3000, the income cant even support yourself. How about supporting your family?

Many people around me think its strange that how many people in your unit want to go there and how stable and comfortable they are. Why borrow money to leave?

I have to leave, just to see myself 10, 20 years later, or even when I retire, not to mention being rich, even if it is difficult to bring food and clothing to my family.

Who doesnt know that our newspaper office is idle, who doesnt know that Internet 996 works hard, and whats the way?

If you dont find a way to break, you will always be the most difficult and cheap player in the game.

For children of ordinary families like us, the goal should not be to be comfortable and stable, because stability can not bring wealth, nor can it bring family level transition. We can only rely on our own wisdom and brute force to seek a breakthrough, so that we can walk more steadily and faster when we are climbing on a heavy load.

Some readers come to ask how to solve their own difficulties. My general advice is to change the status quo through study or part-time work.

Many people will move out of the mainland new media and broadcast the Hong Kong program the battle of the poor and the rich, saying that they are hard-working and tired and have no time to study or work part-time, suggesting that no one who works hard has really experienced his life.

Isnt that why you need to change the status quo more urgently?


But as Liang Wendao said:

When middle-aged people agitate their wings, heavy weights that cant be thrown off are hung on both wings.

At this time, you are no longer qualified for hypocrisy and laziness. No matter how many kinds of weights are hung on your body, you should go ahead with all your strength. If you dont want life to knock you down, you can only shake your arms and swing your fist to knock life down.

Finally, Id like to send you another message:

The glory of this world belongs to only one kind of people, that is, those who shoulder their responsibilities and march forward bravely.