Angelababy was mocked by the crowd in response to the wedding: please, dont pretend!

 Angelababy was mocked by the crowd in response to the wedding: please, dont pretend!

People who have seen the first season know that this is a very good reality show.

Quiet presentation, with the power of Wanjun, like documentary, let us see many stars real self under their bright appearance.

But I didnt expect to see an episode in the second season. Doubans score dropped from 8.9 to 7.0.

The low score, mainly attributed to the first issue of the guest angelababy, caused a lot of controversy and ridicule.

The reason is simple. Its not true.

The theme of this issue is very good. Its Canadian cycling.

Angelababy and Aya rode to Vancouver with Grandpa Xu Yukun from Nanyang, Henan Province.

Riding means experiencing life and scenery. Some of the feelings are normal.

But some of angelababys performances are too much. He never forgets to say a few words about life perception.

There is a kind of meaning that people are forced to set up, strive for good reputation and let everyone approve.

Since the beginning of the program, she has been facing the camera beautifully, delivering the one-time output she wants to convey to the audience.

For example, I want to prove myself and have a work that can be remembered by everyone.

She smiled bitterly when she talked about the rumor of the marriage change.

Very unwilling to mention themselves, is Huang Xiaomings wife.

Its not easy to talk about your adulthood.

When you come out to work at the age of 15, you are used to independence. No matter how much money the other half has, they just want to rely on themselves.

Even when it comes to the spiritual level, once upon a time, I only wanted to make money.

Chicken soup is very strong, but it doesnt go unnoticed. There is an embarrassment inside and outside the screen.

The harder the performance, the less realistic it becomes.

And those truths and understandings all seem to be things that pretend to be deep and empty.

For her beautiful words, the audience obviously didnt buy the bill and mocked her for being too fake:

Angelababy, who wanted to show off, made the result worse.

She didnt know that the audience wanted sincerity more than deliberate packaging.


In a short episode, we learned that angelababy is a good mother.

Every sentence is water tight and purposeful. You see, she is still busy setting up people.

If you change a female artist, you can really win a lot of good feelings and appreciation.

In her, however, she seems to have forgotten her pre marriage situation.

When it comes to angelababy, she cant get around her husband Huang Xiaoming.

After all, many people knew Huang Xiaoming because of her.

When she was born unknown, she was just an 18 thread young model.

In order to join the performing arts circle, she just gave up her studies and devoted herself to fame and wealth.

She was lucky enough to meet Jay Chou at the age of 18 and become the best dancer.

With the help of Zhou Dong, she became a first-line red model and became a little red in the mainland due to the rumors of their cooperation.

A young model who has no acting experience, why is it so good?

After deep pickling by netizens, it was found that Huang Xiaoming and Huayi had a profound relationship.

Whether its true or not, but after having an affair with Huang Xiaoming, her life is really going up.

After love in the whole city, she has successively acted in many films, such as Taiji and Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie, and her popularity has increased in a straight line.

Plus often with Huang Xiaoming was on the front page, identity soared.

In just a few years, he changed from a tender model to a master of Huadan, and accumulated a lot of popularity through running man.

But these did not affect Huang Xiaomings feelings towards her, not only holding her in the palm of her hand, but also scattering dog food.

He also lavished money on her, gave her a luxurious dream wedding, envied others.

Because of love and marriage, she has both fame and wealth.

Weibo fans have already exceeded 100 million, and the endorsement fee has more than doubled 20 times. Now the enthusiasm is also with Huang Xiaoming.

It can be seen that this relationship benefited her a lot.

From an unknown person to a household name, people didnt remember her works and how inspirational and legendary she was all the way.

But remember her, but Huang Xiaomings wife, is the topic of constant, gossip numerous female stars.

Now she talks about her life, which sounds more or less hypocritical.

Because of her life experience, it doesnt seem to match those great principles.


Angelababy has always been a controversial figure.

Even if the acting is not good enough, it still takes the female script and the sky high price movie reward, which causes many people to be dissatisfied.

Strength is not good, but she wants to speak with her works, which sounds particularly funny.

In the face of doubt, she said that she was not willing to work hard and would not be labeled as Huang Xiaomings wife.

More than ten years of acting, there is no less negative news:

There are no tears in the film making, which requires eye drops and tear gas sticks. Acting is referred to as cutting corners, not going out, not taking real pictures, only taking close-ups and close ups. During the film making, there will be no lack of announcements and press conferences.

Take the adventure life as an example. At the beginning, she encouraged herself to complete the riding: God is to give you a whip and then a piece of sugar.

But in fact, she only rode for one and a half days in the five-day trip, shouting bitterness and tiredness all the time.

The reason is physiological + fatigue, complaining that my thigh has become two stones, getting thicker and thicker.

We were ready to go camping before the ride, but on the third day we went camping.

She does not want to sleep in tents, but also Tucao, this is a field survival program.

On the fourth day, she excused herself from the tent under the pretext of discomfort.

This is angelababy. Its better to say than to do.

I havent seen the scenery, and Ive been giving up riding. I dont know where she came from.

Even the director couldnt help asking:

Its easy for you to back out. Its not good. Why do you ride after him every day? Are you here to ride? Or a ride?

Obviously she didnt understand the significance of such a ride.

I also dont think Im not feeling well and whats wrong with my request.

She just felt that she had worked hard enough and everyone should understand her.

After all, she has used the excuse of physiological period very skillfully.

Some people also said that she worked hard. She worked hard in variety show and film making, and she was injured. There were many reports.

But in fact?

On the face of it, she did not make any sincere actions and achievements.

Her so-called hard work just moved herself.


It is said that people who really work hard are silent but amazing.

However, Wang Chuanjun retreated bravely when he became popular, and made a transformation with the strength of I am not the God of medicine.

He suffered a lot to be recognized.

There is no drama to shoot after pushing. I havent worked for 11 months.

Fortunately, through his own efforts, he got an important role in I am not the God of medicine.

In order to show the characters weakness, he completed 8000 rope skipping and weight loss every day; in order to show the patients desire to live, he ate 44 buns in the whole play; in the evening, he also ate five bowls of noodles and vomited three times, which was really desperate.

It can be seen that efforts are never just words.

Its about persistence and a sense of awe for your career.

As Xu said in the program:

When you want to climb 10 floors, you must first take out the energy to climb 20 floors. Its hard to achieve the goal without a strong will to do difficult things.

Often those who brag about how hard they work every day are often thundering and raining little.

And the really powerful people are all working hard silently and steadfastly.

Obviously angelababy didnt understand what the real effort was like.

She questioned that the audience did not see the real self, but how could she find the real self?

There is no one in the world who can be acknowledged and respected by others without any reason.

If you want to prove your value, you need to make achievements that are treated differently.

Angelababy is no exception. If you want to speak with your works, you should show sincerity and sink your heart to improve your acting skills.

Instead of working hard verbally, take blind self deception as motivation.

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