Liu Jialings ballad refuting Mansion: 270000 yuan / river view and advanced design

 Liu Jialings ballad refuting Mansion: 270000 yuan / river view and advanced design

The real estate agencys rumor operation is very shameful, but it really makes Tangchen Yipin hot again. As one of the top old luxury houses in Shanghai, it was once described as the moat: tens of millions of cars can be seen in the garage, and no one with a hundred million yuan family will come to see the house.

It is said that a group of star owners, such as Cecilia Cheung, Yifei Liu, Xiaoming Huang and Jingming Guo, are gathered here. They have attracted the rich for more than a decade. So far, few luxury houses can shake their status. Whats the magic? Today, the household monarch will unveil its mystery!

Shanghais top luxury houses: 270000 / a river view and advanced design

As an old riverside mansion in Shanghai, Tangchen Yipin has a unique geographical location. It has a riverfront view of the Huangpu River and a bustling Bund on the opposite side. It was launched in 2005, and the next year it created the highest price of luxury houses in China with a unit price of 130000 yuan per square meter. Now the average price per square meter is 270000 yuan.

But there is a reason why people are expensive! All of the four buildings are facing the river, and each family can see an excellent river view. In order to achieve this, a lot of plot ratio has been sacrificed.

Originally, you thought that luxury houses are the same, mainly looking at a lot. Unexpectedly, its architecture and interior design are also excellent, completely subverting the imagination of ordinary people on luxury houses.

First look at the appearance. This unique amber exterior wall will reflect different brilliance with the change of sunlight at different times. This is because the aluminum composite plate specially prepared by Mitsubishi of Japan is used to make the exterior wall of the residence. It was the first example in China in that year! This material has extremely high fire resistance, rigidity, self-cleaning and anti-aging function. No wonder more than 10 years ago, Tomson Yi is still one of the unique scenic spots in Lujiazui.

The four buildings are designed with corridor, and the entrance hall with full glass dome is connected with the four mansions. Standing in the lobby, the sun is sprinkled from the dome with a diameter of 16 meters and a height of 12.7 meters, leaving only the sun and no shadow on the ground.

In order to let the owner make the best use of the balcony, he also made many thoughtful and humanized designs, so that people can naturally stay on the balcony for a long time. To know the secret, please poke the atlas below?