Sichuan people are very good at playing

 Sichuan people are very good at playing

According to the data of China Tourism Research Institute in 2018, Sichuan is the second province to choose self driving during the Spring Festival, while Chengdu is the most popular self driving departure city in China.

It is the key for Sichuan to become a major tourism province to have a superior geographical position in Western China. More than a thousand years ago, Du Fu used a saying that the window contains the snow of the western mountains, and the door is full of the boats of the eastern Wu.

There are not only famous mountain resorts, but also famous natural heritages at home and abroad. There are not only mysterious ancient Shu civilization, but also colorful national culture.

Jiuzhai Huanglong, Emei Mountain, Leshan Buddha, MUGECUO, JIANMENGUAN, Lugu Lake, Wuhou Temple... You can find the right solution in Sichuan for the scenery and culture you want to appreciate.

Some people say that as soon as the sun rises in Sichuan, no one is unhappy. There may be many reasons why Sichuan people love self driving tours, but what I want to ask most about going out to play is: is there any chance for farm fun?

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