Chinese ambassador to the United States: why do people always try to challenge Chinas bottom line?

 Chinese ambassador to the United States: why do people always try to challenge Chinas bottom line?

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On October 28, Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the United States, attended a seminar on the fortieth anniversary of U.S. - China relations in Houston and delivered a keynote speech. The seminar was organized by the George Bush foundation for us China relations.

At present, China and the United States have made substantial progress in the new round of economic and trade negotiations, and the specific text of the first phase agreement is stepping up consultations, Ambassador Cuis speech is particularly thought-provoking. The website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States released part of the speech. Lets take a look.

Ambassador Cui Tiankai

President George Bush has always insisted on mutual respect and enhanced mutual understanding and trust through contacts and dialogue, from serving as the director of the liaison office in China (Note: 1974-1975) to the torrent and dangerous shoal of Sino US relations after the cold war.

This not only serves the fundamental interests of the United States, but also opens up a bright future for both countries. His strategic vision and historical contributions are worth remembering by the people of China and the United States.

Over the past 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States, bilateral relations have achieved historic development, closely integrated economy, extensive and in-depth people to people and cultural exchanges, and their common interests and cooperation needs in promoting world peace and prosperity have reached unprecedented levels.

Today, however, China-U.S. relations are shrouded in rare dark clouds since the establishment of diplomatic relations. The trade war, the new cold war, decoupling, civilization conflict and other extreme concepts have become rampant, and some even become part of the so-called all government China strategy of the United States.

This gives us a wake-up call and raises a fundamental question: is the United States ready to coexist peacefully and develop together with a big country with different cultural and political systems, such as China? What strategic choices will the United States make for more rapidly developing emerging powers?

Since the founding of the peoples Republic of China 70 years ago, it has successfully embarked on a path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, profoundly changed China and positively influenced the whole world. If there is any secret, it is that we adhere to the peoples aspiration for a better life as our goal, and concentrate on making China a better country.

At the same time, China never pursues a single show, nor does it do harm to others. We believe in win-win cooperation. Therefore, we advocate that all countries work together to build a community of shared future for mankind.

China has a 5000 year history of civilization. It has not only created the peak of human civilization, but also fallen into the abyss of mountains and rivers breaking and being slaughtered by others. We are well aware of the truth that the hegemony will not last forever. Chinas development goal is to surpass itself, not to replace others. We have no interest in seeking hegemony at all.

But no matter what China does, there will always be people in the United States who throw out all kinds of strange theories, demonizing China as a new political right, in which the prejudice and double standards are surprising.

u2014u2014The hard work and wisdom of the Chinese people are universally recognized. A better life is the hard work of 1.4 billion people. Attempts to deny this universally recognized fact are ignorant and arrogant, and ultimately futile.

u2014u2014China is an important participant and contributor to the international order. It does not withdraw from the community or pay its dues to the United Nations, nor will it confuse black and white in the world. There is a broad consensus among the international community on the origin of acts that violate the norms of international relations and undermine international order.

Chinas one belt and one way initiative has effectively promoted international infrastructure and economic and trade cooperation, bringing new opportunities for common development and prosperity of all countries. The so-called debt trap lies have been exposed by many countries concerned and us think tanks.

u2014u2014Instead of waging war to deal with terrorism, China helps people affected by extreme and terrorist ideas to return to society and normal life through education and training.

It has been nearly three years since the violent terrorist incidents happened in Xinjiang, China, which was once deeply damaged by terrorism. This is the best embodiment of respect for human rights. To denigrate China on this issue, which is very clear about both the truth and the right and the wrong, is to make an eye out for the terrorist forces, and to do harm to others will eventually do harm.

u2014u2014Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and other places, without exception, are far away from the United States and belong to China. Why do people always try to challenge Chinas bottom line on these issues concerning Chinas sovereignty and territorial integrity? Isnt it clear who is provocating and who is defending?

I would like to make it clear that China will never yield to its core interests, nor will the plot to split China succeed.

The Communist Party of China, the ruling party of China, has always represented and firmly safeguarded the interests of the Chinese people in the past hundred years of struggle, made great sacrifices for the independent liberation, prosperity and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, created remarkable achievements and won the deep trust and heartfelt support of the Chinese people.

To deny all this is to deny a hundred years of Chinese history. The attempt to separate the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people is a provocation to all Chinese people. On the one hand, it is hypocritical and unreasonable to claim to hope to see Chinas success, on the other hand, to attempt to discredit and overthrow the core force that leads the Chinese people to success.

I hope that the U.S. policy towards China will be based on reality and remain rational, rather than being led astray by bigotry and misjudgment. Hatred, exclusion and isolation have never been the core values of any civilization in the world. Civilization makes human beings go to light, and these negative ideas represent darkness.

Anyone who believes in and advocates these things may be in a high position, but far away from civilization. Dark clouds tend to make people pessimistic and discouraged, while real politicians can see the bright line of dark clouds and the bright future behind them.

Today, China US relations stand at a new crossroads. The future of our relations depends on the choices we make today. In the face of complex and severe situations, we should also have the vision and confidence to penetrate the dark clouds.

Substantive progress was made in the Sino US trade negotiations not long ago. We hope that China and the United States will continue negotiations and dialogue on the basis of equality and mutual respect and reach a mutually beneficial and win-win result. This is the way for China and the United States to get along.

The general trend of economic integration and common development between China and the United States cannot be stopped. Decoupling is unpopular in both China and the United States. The decoupling between the United States and China means decoupling from opportunities.

Not long ago, the first Chinese store opened in my hometown, Shanghai, with unprecedented prosperity, which fully demonstrated the huge consumption capacity of more than 400 million middle-income groups in China, and this group is expected to double (800 million) in the next 15 years.

Huaweis inclusion in the entity list by the U.S. Department of Commerce has been opposed by many American companies, because it not only disrupts the international industrial chain, but also breaks their financial path.

The documentary American factory tells the story of Fuyao Glasss growing up in Ohio and the vivid story of its joint venture with workers from China and the United States. The invisible hand of the market and the enterprise spirit of the people of China and the United States are the decisive forces to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the United States.

When Sino US relations are at a low ebb, a series of major events are taking place in the world: the Middle East is suffering from war; North Koreas nuclear negotiations are struggling; the next international financial crisis is looming; the Amazon rainforest fire and frequent global extreme weather warn us that climate change has posed a real threat to mankind; the accelerated development of science and technology such as artificial intelligence is having a profound impact. Many aspects of human society also make the risk of international governance and rules missing increasingly urgent.

All these problems can not be solved without the coordination and cooperation between China and the United States. The cooperation between China and the United States can accomplish great things. Without it, nothing can be achieved.

The people are the creators of history and the source of power for the development of China US relations. The Chinese and American people have a long tradition of friendship. We always remember the American friends who gave us understanding and help during the Second World War and in the process of Chinas development.

We believe that adhering to friendly cooperation is the mainstream public opinion of the two countries and the only right choice for both sides. It is unpopular to attempt to create antagonism and incite hatred between the two peoples against their fundamental interests. No plot against the will of the people can last long.

Mutual respect and seeking common ground while reserving differences are the fundamental guarantee for the continuous development of China US relations over the past 40 years. History has amply proved that the success of China and the United States is of vital importance to each other. The two countries can achieve each others success, but should not repel each other. The two countries will benefit from each others cooperation and hurt each others struggle.

Today, the Bush foundation for U.S. - China relations, as the first group named by the former president of the United States to promote U.S. - China relations, has become an important bridge for friendship and cooperation between China and the United States.

I believe that with the joint efforts of the foundation and people of insight from all walks of life in China and the United States, China-U.S. relations will be able to move forward in a smooth, healthy and stable way and better benefit the people of both countries and the people of the world.

Source: Xiake Island editor in charge: Han Jiapeng Gu nn9841