Bulgarian fans do Nazi salutes collectively! Two interruptions in the Monkey game, which abused English players

 Bulgarian fans do Nazi salutes collectively! Two interruptions in the Monkey game, which abused English players

The Daily Mirror said the game was interrupted twice in the first half, the first in the 28th minute and the second in the 43rd minute. Mince said to the referee, Hey, didnt you hear what they were saying? Subsequently, fans were cleared out. English fans responded to Bulgarian fans by saying, You know what you are, you racist bastards.

A spokesman for UEFA said: The referee interrupted the match because of racial discrimination in the match. If such behaviour continues, the game may be terminated in advance. At half-time, Bulgarian captain Iverin Popov took the initiative to come to Bulgarian fans and appealed to them to stop their irrational behavior. Bulgarian fans, however, went their own way in the second half, continuing to attack English players.

Last week, Sterling said that if racial discrimination happened again, they would withdraw directly. Today, the English players didnt do that. They were calm. After two protests, the English players insisted on finishing the game. However, after the game, England protested against the stigma of Bulgarian fans. The FA issued a statement: we have confirmed that there is racial discrimination against English players, which is unacceptable under any circumstances. We will ask UEFA to investigate this matter urgently.

Stirling condemned racial discrimination on Twitter: Its a pity that Bulgaria has such idiots. Anyway, we won 6-0. Marquelle said: We won the game. Its the best way to fight back. There should be no racial discrimination or shameful behaviour in the world of football. Rushford said: Its all 2019, and theres something like that. I would like to pay tribute to the Bulgarian captain for his actions. He should do the right thing by himself. Such actions should be taken seriously.

The Bulgarian coachs comments after the game were also crushing. He even said that he had not heard racist comments from the home fans: My attention has been on the game. I didnt hear any sound. If this is true, we should be ashamed of it and apologize for it, but it remains to be confirmed.

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