700-ball legend! Sixth man in history! 34-year-old Ronaldo couldnt celebrate but wanted to win.

 700-ball legend! Sixth man in history! 34-year-old Ronaldo couldnt celebrate but wanted to win.

Ronaldos penalty was so sharp that he completely fooled Piatov. It was Ronaldos ninety-fifth goal for Portugal, and after the age of 30, Ronaldo scored 43 goals in 44 national games. In the club, Ronaldo scored 5 goals, 118 goals, 450 goals and 32 goals for Portugal Sports, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus respectively. After the goal, Ronaldo didnt celebrate as usual, but ran back and pointed his index finger to the sky. The score of 1-2 made Ronaldo only want to continue to attack.

Im proud to have scored 700 goals. I want to share this achievement with all the people who helped me. We didnt get the results we wanted today, but we are sure to be in the European Cup, Ins said after Rose C.

After Ronaldo scored 700 goals, the Portuguese official also paid tribute to him: For some people, this is an impossible achievement. But for the best players, thats not enough. CR700 has made history, and he is always pursuing the next goal. True legend never stops!

Ronaldo is one of the greatest scoring machines in the history of football, and his ways of scoring are varied. Ronaldo is most used to scoring with his right foot. He scored 444 goals with his right foot. Ronaldos left foot is also very strong, he scored 126 goals with his left foot. Carlo, who has a history of bouncing and scrambling, scored 128 goals with his head. The other two goals were struck with their trunks.

According to the season, Ronaldo scored the highest percentage of goals in the Real Madrid era. In Portuguese Sports, Ronaldo scored five goals in the 2002/03 season. In the Manchester United era, Ronaldo scored a personal record of 46 goals in the 2007/08 season. During his time at Real Madrid, Ronaldo scored more than 50 goals in the following eight seasons, except that he scored 34 goals in his first season with serious injuries. In the 11/12 season, Ronaldo scored a personal record of 69 goals. Ronaldo moved to Juventus last season and scored 31 goals for the Bianconeri. This season has only started for two months and Ronaldo has now scored 11 goals.

In the history of football, Ronaldo ranked sixth in the number of goals. Gade Muller, Pascal, Bailey and Romario scored 735, 746, 767 and 772 goals respectively, while Biscayne, who scored 805, kept a record. From Biscayne, Ronaldo is 105 goals short. If Ronaldo can maintain 31 goals efficiency last season, he will surpass Biscayne in three and a half seasons. Ronaldo has a high level of professionalism, which helps him to prolong his career peak as long as possible.

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