European preliminary - Kane 3-1 shooting Rushford World Poland 6-0 victory

 European preliminary - Kane 3-1 shooting Rushford World Poland 6-0 victory

In the 7th minute, the Rushford left-back swung down and burst into the right foot near the corner 12 yards from the left rib of the penalty area. The goalkeepers position error did not block the near corner. It was too late to make a mobile save when he saw the shot. England led 1-0.

In the 11th minute, Kostadinov passed the ball, Popov shot from the front of the restricted area, Pickford threw the bottom line. In the 20th minute, Sterling and Kane broke into the right rib of the penalty area after kicking the wall together. In the face of striking goalkeeper Sterling seemed to pass and shoot to the front of the door. Buckley shot the ball into the empty goal at a close range at the back point, England 2-0.

In the 32nd minute, Cain crossed 45 degrees on the right, and Barkley, who was not defended, threw a pier ball at 6 yards to break the goal, leading England 3-0. England scored three goals in three shots.

In the 37th minute, the guard at the bottom line of Stirlings forbidden area was knocked down by the guard behind him, but the referee did not say. In the 39th minute, Zanev fired a long shot to fly. In the 40th minute, Henderson made a long pass and Rushford hit the ball 14 yards after stopping.

In the 4th minute of stoppage time, England counterattacked, Trippers right side slanted, Kane inserted the right rib of the penalty area to cross, and Lustirling hit the ball close to the empty goal, England 4-0. At the end of the first half, England were 4-0.

Starting in the second half, in the 48th minute, Sterling stopped the long pass directly to Kane. Kane lowered his right foot at 16 yards and Ilyev threw it out. In the 50th minute, Karayev fired a long shot to fly. In the 51st minute, Cain passed, Rushford inserted an 8-yard shot and the shot was thrown by the goalkeeper, while Stirling shot a 12-yard miss. In the 55th minute, the right foot shot was blocked after the front of Barkleys restricted area stopped to clear the fence. In the 57th minute, England counterattacked and Ilyev threw a left-footed shot 10 yards after shaking the gap in the Stirling Forbidden Zone.

The 69th minute, England counterattack, Cairn Strauss, Sterling inserted a single-knife stop 12 yards after the goal, England 5-0.

In the 75th minute, Ilyev received the ball back and opened his big foot to be snatched by Munter, who hit the right hanging door high. In the 82nd minute, Henderson passed the ball, and the unguarded Kane shot with his right foot 14 yards away. The ball bounced off the left post.

In the 86th minute, Munters long-range shot was thrown out by Ilyev. In the first minute of extra time, Wilson passed the ball, and Sancho shot with his right foot 10 yards from his right rib, which was not defended, and Ilyev threw it out. In the second minute of extra time, England counterattacked, Cain passed the ball, and Wilson, who was not defended, shot from 7 yards and popped up on the right post. England won 6-0 in the end.

Bulgaria (4141): 23-Ilyev/4-Pashev, 15-Tezyev, 21-Hazyev, 3-Zanev/11-Despodov/10-Popov, 8-Samov (4512-Karayev), 7-Kostadinov, 7-Vandesen (7616-Marinov)/19-Isa (6818-Ivanov)

England (433): 1-Pickford/2-Tripper, 5-Mince, 6-Maguire, 3-Chilville/8-Henderson, 4-Winks, 10-Buckley (7320-Munter)/7-Stirling (7317-Sancho), 9-Kane, 11-Rushford (7621-Wilson)

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