Chongqing Media: 99percent of Chongqing has completed the relegation of Tianhai can not win five rounds.

 Chongqing Media: 99percent of Chongqing has completed the relegation of Tianhai can not win five rounds.

Chongqing Sway now ranks No. 8 with 33 points, and 99% of them have achieved the goal of relegation. For the rest of the game, Chongqing Sweet Coach Cruyff Jr. said that he would strive for the most points to impact the teams season best results.

Calderk premiered Big Four

After autumn, the night temperature in Beijing dropped to about 8 degrees Celsius, but more than 100 Chongqing fans still came to the scene to watch the game. Before the start of the competition, Chongqing fans put out a banner with the words outstanding youth, salute Sui Weijies 100 matches in Chongqing to thank him for his service in Chongqing these years.

After the start of the game, the game was regarded as a decisive battle by both sides. In the first half, it was dominated by Chongqing svei. In the 19th point of the match, Chongqing Sway got a penalty for handball foul in the restricted area. Calderk scored the penalty and Sway took the lead 1-0 away from home. But the Beijingers quickly equalized and Masika made a long run to break the door in the 26th minute.

Only two minutes later, Sweet Brazilian foreign aid Calderkome scored twice and took the lead again at 2:1. The decisive battle that both sides attached great importance to, scored three goals less than half an hour after the start of the game. Before the end of the first half, Kardek scored a hat-trick to extend his lead by two goals. Towards the end of the second half, Chongqing Sway won the second penalty in the game. Kardek put on Big Four and Chongqing Sway beat Beijing people 4-1 away to win the decisive battle that Chongqing fans are paying close attention to.

Speaking of Kaldeks condition, Cruyff Jr. was very happy after the game. We are very happy for Kaldeks return. We missed him when he was injured. Because of these four goals, Kaldek also became the best player on the field.

Sway needs another minute to go ashore

After defeating the Beijingers, Chongqing Swiss scored 33 points. Beijingers, who rank the bottom of the league, have only 12 points with six rounds remaining. Even if they win all the last six matches, the total score is only 30 points. The score cant surpass that of Chongqing Sway. Tianhai, the second-to-last place in Tianjin, has 18 points. With five rounds remaining in the league, even if it wins all five rounds, the total score is only 33 points, which is the same as Chongqing Sways current score.

In accordance with the provisions of the Chinese Super League, the same points will be compared successively between the two teamswin-lose relationship, net goals and the number of goals. Previously, both Chongqing Sway and Tianhai Tianjin were tied, and all three figures were the same. Next, the two teams need to compare the results of the reserve team. From the results of the reserve team, Chongqing Sway is in the downside, ranking behind Tianhai in Tianjin. But there are still five rounds left in the league. Chongqing Sway cant get one point in the rest of the league. And Tianhai Tianjin still has five rounds to win, which is almost impossible to accomplish. Such a result also means that now Chongqing sway has 99% of the success of the insurance.

In subsequent competitions, Chongqing Sweet only needed one more point to completely relegate. Judging from the attitude of young Cruyff after the game, it shouldnt be difficult. For the plan after this season, Kruyff Jr. said: We want to further improve, learn and grow, we want to impact the best results, after which we will strive for as many points as we can get. Our players deserve better scores.

He Yan, Special Reporter of Chongqing Morning Post and Upstream News, Beijing Report

Source: Chongqing Morning Post Author: He Yan Responsible Editor: Li Siming_BJS2696