Hao Wei: Guoao has an 88-day plan and hopes to practice a little more next time.

 Hao Wei: Guoao has an 88-day plan and hopes to practice a little more next time.

Wanzhou Four Countries Invitational Competition, China Olympic final round 0-0 draw with Saudi Arabia, 3 games 2 wins 1 draw.

For the match, Hao Wei, the executive coach of the National Olympic Games, concluded, Thank the fans who came in the rain and the players for their fighting spirit. After the problems in these three matches, we will make targeted plans, including the cooperation of tactical teams and personal abilities and other details. I hope we can practice a little more next time and do the details better.

Faced with the first team Saudi Arabia, part of the time scenes are relatively passive, for this, Hao Wei confessed, The two teams are still different in terms of physical fitness, we are the third game and the other team is the second game, which is difficult for us, but also a challenge, we need to find out our own shortcomings, step by step to solve it in a planned way.

In three games, Guoao scored four goals and did not concede. Hao Wei believed that it is good not to concede a goal, but in terms of offense, it has not achieved the desired results. This is a problem of design as a whole. The players are very good players. In the future, we will make further adjustments to the problems. We have an 88 day plan, which will follow the steps. This is a process of finding problems - decomposing layer by layer - aiming at improvement.

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