Sugar-resistant products eat sick? Be cautious of being fooled by businessmen

 Sugar-resistant products eat sick? Be cautious of being fooled by businessmen

Over-imitation under the bombardment of self-Media

In the hospital, the reporter saw Li Ziqi, 21, with acne around his chin and crows tail lines around his eyes. Despite her young age, she has used more than 20 anti-acne and anti-wrinkle cosmetics for 7 years. During the summer vacation, when she browsed microblogs online, she found that many female stars were talking about anti-sugar. The self-Media in Baijia had repeatedly promoted the benefits of anti-sugar: delicate skin, loose skin tightened, good mental state 100 times, no more blackpox... Some beauty bloggers use the metaphor of roast meat, toast and fried balls directly, which means that the skin will turn yellow and crisp without sugar resistance.

Curious Li Ziqi began to imitate, not eating food added sugar, not eating rice, steamed bread and other staple foods with high carbohydrate content. Five kilos were lost in a month. After school, without her mothers hindrance, in order to achieve the goal of eye care quickly, she intensified her efforts. She didnt even eat staple food, but only ate green leafy vegetables and chicken with low GI (glycemic index) value. Half a month later, she began to appear pale, panic, lethargy, irritability and other hypoglycemic symptoms.

Saccharification is the process of adding sugar molecules to protein or lipid molecules without the control of enzymes. It has been found that the accumulation of glycation end products in the skin leads to a decrease in skin elasticity. Han Xiuping, deputy chief physician of dermatology in a top three hospital in Shenyang, told reporters that saccharification can indeed lead to skin aging, but skin aging is the result of various factors of the body. For young and middle-aged women with strong metabolism, glycation end products will be metabolized, and there is no need to specifically fight against glycation.

However, the major businesses are aiming at opportunities, resulting in a series of anti-saccharification products.

The reporter met Yang Ping on an anti-sugar mobile phone APP. After breaking up with her boyfriend two years ago, she began to resist sugar and earned 8,000 yuan a month. Apart from basic expenses such as rent, water and electricity, all of them were used to buy anti-sugar products. An imported anti sugar pill has eaten 360 pills, and the anti sugar oral liquid has drunk 120, which is not counting the countless anti sugar essence and facial mask that she bought. Her menstruation was delayed for half a year. She went to the hospital for examination and found out that she suffered from gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids and breast hyperplasia. It dawned on her when she saw a professional evaluation platform detect estradiol (an estrogen) and even carcinogenic diethylstilbestrol in the anti-sugar products she used.

Reporters in various major online business platform search found that all kinds of anti-sugar pills, anti-sugar drinks claimed that men, women, old and young are not limited to apply. Some enzymes and proteins have also made anti-sugar slogans and put forward that pregnant women can drink them. The publicity covers wrinkle removal, fat reduction, fair skin and regulation of endocrine disorders.

Utilizing Consumers Psychology of Accelerating Success and Prosperity and Fear of Aging

At the beginning of the anti-sugar trend, some people in the industry questioned and even jumped out of the fight against counterfeiting. Why is this gust getting worse and worse? Saying the truth and falsehood together and avoiding the truth is a consistent trick of businessmen. Only small words in the composition list can explain the problem. Zhang Xiaohui, a professional skincare third-party technical service platform worker, said.

Zhang Xiaohui said that many of the main ingredients of anti sugar products are wormwood, South African black tea extract, olive fruit extract, grape leaf extract, Houttuynia extract and so on. Some of the ingredients have the main effect of antioxidant. Its better to chew a tomato when the price of one grain is nearly 10 yuan. The so-called sugar-resistant products are in fact merchantstricks in scientific clothes.

The saccharification reaction, also known as the Maillard reaction, was discovered in 1912 by the French chemist Maillard that when glycine and glucose are mixed and heated, they form brown substances. When collagen is saccharified in the dermis, the elasticity of collagen fibers decreases, resulting in skin relaxation; excessive sugar increases male hormones and sebum secretion, leading to acne; and sugar makes tyrosinase more active, thereby increasing melanin production. Excessive sugar intake can lead to blackpox and yellowing of the skin. Thats right. But all of these problems can be solved by using anti-sugar products? There is no scientific basis. Businessmen avoid the facts and only publicize anti-sugar, but do not point out how to anti-sugar is right. Zhang Xiaohui said.

People who come to buy cosmetics first ask which one works quickly, not which ingredients are safe. Liu Yang, a salesman at a large skin care supermarket in Shenyang Spring Mall, Shenhe District, Shenyang, said. She told reporters that anti sugar popular at the beginning, the shop listed a lot of derivatives, the first is anti sugar pills, anti sugar oral liquid, each time the arrival of goods were sold out, and then bought a batch of anti sugar mask, anti sugar emulsion and essence, is also selling hot. She believed that the businessmen just grasped the modern peoples psychology of being eager for quick success and instant benefit. Safe products now have slow results and poor sales. All the products that sell well are hot-fried products. Even when a number of anti-sugar products are off the shelves, there are still customers asking whether they will be on the shelves again.

Anti-sugar Should Be a Healthy Lifestyle

Saccharification is an irreversible process that occurs in the body at all times. That is to say, you cant stop this reaction from happening. But you can slow down aging by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Han Xiuping said. She pointed out that proper diet, proper exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, psychological balance and work-leisure combination are the right ways to fight aging.

Han Xiuping said that sugar is the essential core nutrient of the human body, which generates energy in the process of life activities and helps us to run our body functions. Less sugar is not to give up sugar, eating more sugar is certainly not good, moderately reducing the intake of added sugar is good for the body, but not not not not to eat, not to give up all carbohydrates.

Authoritative departments should actively refute rumors and not allow young people like Li Ziqi to be trapped. Zhang Xiaohui believes that government authorities should actively use third-party evaluation agencies to promote such marketing methods as anti-sugar, increase the propaganda of scientific methods and methods, do not let asymmetric information consumers in the dark, and do not let mixed information fly all over the sky. At the same time, the relevant departments should strengthen supervision and punish the businessmen who add prohibited elements more severely, and they will never tolerate it.

Source: Peoples Network Responsible Editor: Wu Yanli_NBJS6202