Iran condemns a cowardly attack on a suspected tanker hit by a missile

 Iran condemns a cowardly attack on a suspected tanker hit by a missile

BEIJING, Oct. 13, Xinhua (CNA) reported that an oil tanker belonging to the Iranian National Tanker Company was suspected to have been hit by a missile on Oct. 11. Rabbi, a spokesman for the Iranian government, said on Oct. 12 that it was a cowardly attack and that Iran would respond after investigating the truth.

On October 11, local time, an oil tanker from the Iranian National Petroleum Corporation caught fire after an explosion, 60 miles from the Saudi port city of Jeddah. (information map)

Irans official news agency (IRNA) quoted Rabbi as saying, Iran avoids hatred and will carefully study the incident and investigate the truth.

Rabbi pointed out: Until all aspects of this conspiracy are clear, we will not give the appropriate response to the planners of this cowardly attack.

According to reports, the Iranian National Tanker Companys oil tanker Sabati was attacked in the Red Sea near Saudi Arabia on November 11.

Irans Fars news agency reported that a senior security official said video could be used as evidence of the incident.

Irans Mehr News Agency reported that the oil tanker attacked in the Red Sea had stopped leaking and was heading for the Persian Gulf.

According to reports, Saudi authorities did not immediately comment on the 11 th media reports of the oil tanker attack. The U.S. Navys Fifth Fleet said it was aware of the reports but had no further information.

Reuters reported that no one has claimed responsibility for the oil tanker attack.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026