Chief of Civil Defense: During the operation, the General Staff has been coordinating with the U.S. Army.

 Chief of Civil Defense: During the operation, the General Staff has been coordinating with the U.S. Army.

Turkish Defense Minister Akar IC data Figure 1 October 11, Turkish Defense Minister Akar said that the Turkish military in Syrias military operations have been coordinated with the U.S. military. Earlier, the U.S. Defense Department said the countrys troops in Syria were shelled by Turkish artillery.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 12th, the Turkish National Defense 11 announced that the Turkish Army had taken measures to prevent the U.S. military observation post in northern Syria from being hit by stray bullets when the Turkish army attacked the Kurdish armed positions near it.

Turkeys Anadolu news agency quoted Akar as saying: There is absolutely no possibility that the U.S. military and coalition forces will be attacked in Syria. The necessary coordination between our General Staff and the U.S. side has been maintained.

Local time, 11, the U. S. Department of Defense said that deployed in northern Syria near the city of Kobani, the U. S. military was shelled by Turkish troops. In this regard, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that the US military is not the target of the attack, and has taken all measures to ensure that the attacks by armed elements nearby do not harm the US military base.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on October 9 that a fountain of peace operation was launched in northern Syria to combat the Kurdish WorkersParty (PKK) and the extremist organization Islamic State (IS). On the same day, air strikes were carried out on the cities of Las Ain and Taylor Abyed in Hasek Province, Syria, followed by ground operations. According to Syrian media reports, Turkeys actions resulted in civilian casualties.

The latest news points out that Turkeys Ministry of Defence issued a message that the Turkish Army and the pro-Turkish Syrian opposition Syrian Liberal Army had taken control of residential areas in the strategic city of Ras Ein when they launched an attack in northern Syria.

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