Putin: Syrias territorial integrity must be restored and foreign troops should withdraw

 Putin: Syrias territorial integrity must be restored and foreign troops should withdraw

[Global Network Reporter Li Dongyao] Turkey launched military operations against Kurdish militants into the fourth day, and instability returned to northern Syria. On October 12, local time, Todays Russia (RT) reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin talked about the situation in Syria in an interview. He said that Syrias territorial integrity must be fully restored and all foreign troops should withdraw if Damascus decides not to need Moscows help, including Russia.

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According to Russia Today (RT), Putin recently received joint interviews with RT Arabic Channel, British Sky News Arabic Channel and Saudi state-owned television Al? Arabiya. Putin said, All troops illegally deployed in any sovereign country - Syria, for example, must leave.

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Thats true for everyone. If Syrias new legitimate government chooses to say that they no longer need Russias military presence, it will be the same for Russia. Putin said.

According to RT reports, Putin also believes that Moscows position on the Syrian solution has not changed at the same time, and has communicated it to its partners Iran, Turkey and the United States. Syria must get rid of the military presence of other countries. The territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic must be fully restored.

RT said that unlike Russian troops deployed in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government, the US military has been illegally entering Syria since 2016. The Syrian government has repeatedly criticized the military presence of the United States as a violation of its sovereignty.

According to previous reports, on October 9, local time, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that the Turkish army launched ground military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. As of the 12th, military operations have entered the 4th day. This has brought instability back to northern Syria. On the eve of Turkeys military operation, the White House said on the 6th that the U.S. military would not support or participate in Turkeys upcoming military operation in northern Syria, and the U.S. military would withdraw from relevant areas.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026