Iran: no matter whether there are third parties in mediation, they are willing to talk with Saudi Arabia.

 Iran: no matter whether there are third parties in mediation, they are willing to talk with Saudi Arabia.

Xinhua news agency, October, 13, according to the Central News Agency reported that the Ministry of foreign affairs of Iran, 12, said whether or not there are third parties mediating mediation, Iran are ready to hold talks with Saudi Arabia, the time will be before the visit of prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan.

Iran National Radio (IRIB) reported that when asked about reports that Imran Khan, who is expected to visit the 13 day, may try to mediate between Tehran and Riyadh, Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi said: I do not know if anyone mediates.

Mousavi also said: Iran has announced that Iran is ready to hold talks with its neighbours, including Saudi Arabia, to resolve any misunderstanding, whether or not there is mediation.

Two senior Pakistani government officials reportedly confirmed to Reuters that Imran Khan would visit Tehran after President Trump asked for assistance in an attempt to reduce tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The Prime Minister will also visit Saudi Arabia next week, said one anonymous official.

His task is to try to start negotiations or to build confidence in the two hostile countries in order to start a dialogue, the official said.

Reported that this week, Irans Foreign Minister hinted that Iran is willing to discuss regional issues with Saudi Arabia, but Riyadh authorities must stop killing.

Pakistans Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on December 12, saying that Imran Khans visit to Iran is a part of his initiative to promote peace and security in the region. The statement said that Imran Khan is expected to meet with Irans supreme spiritual leader Khamenei and President Ruhani.

On September 14, local time, several unmanned aerial vehicles attacked two oil facilities of Saudi National Petroleum Corporation and triggered a fire. Saudi Arabia blames Iran for the oil refinery attack, but Iran firmly denies that it was related to the attack.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026