Lin Shuhao, a preseason top player in Shougang Xining Railway Station, shows various styles

 Lin Shuhao, a preseason top player in Shougang Xining Railway Station, shows various styles

Hamilton scored 27 points. Sports Map of Shougang

Last night, the CBA pre-season Xining Station ended in the 2009-2020 season. Beijing Shougang Mens Basketball Team beat the NCB Mens Basketball Team 91-79 and won the first place in this station 2-1. The first official appearance of Twin Towers is surprising. Lin Shuhao has proved that not only can he be competent for small foreign aid of CBA, but also can play a more important role than crazy scoring. Coupled with the mature local system, the team of Shougang Mens Basketball Team in the new season will undoubtedly be deeper and more changeable.

Three Main Rotational Rests

Easily win the Derby

In the absence of Lin Shuhao, Zhai Xiaochuan and Fang Shuo, Shougang retained its strength in the Beijing Derby rehearsal, but that did not mean giving up the competition. In the first three quarters, Fogg was not scored in sports. He scored only 7 points from free throw, while the whole team scored only 25 points in the first half.

With nearly four minutes left in the third quarter, five offenders left the field and another key point was missing from the North Control Team. Shougangs third quarter will expand the difference to 20 +, the last quarter has always maintained a double-digit lead. Early to lay the winning game, the three main players on the sidelines also seem very relaxed.

When the pre-season grouping was announced, the outside world was looking forward to the premature derby. Shougang team was not disturbed by this. Coach Janis asked the whole team to prepare for any match according to their own rhythm. It was also very clear that the opponents were far from the best level. No one wins the world because they win a game. Its just our preparation process. Nordic is not ready now, nor is our team.

Youdu officially appeared wearing the No. 9 battle gown. Sports Map of Shougang

The first appearance of the Twin Towers

A total of 39 points were awarded.

Judo, who had watched the first two games on the sidelines, finally made his official appearance last night in his No. 9 battle gown. When he joined Hamilton in the second quarter, Shougang instantly had an absolute advantage in the interior. Dahan scored 11 points in the first half, and Yodo grabbed eight defensive rebounds despite shooting 1 of 3.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Hamilton was more and more frequently pulled to the outside line to get the chance to shoot in the open position. He hit three goals in a row at one time, which was his favorite way of playing. Big Hans liberation can not be separated from Youdus defense in the interior, the latter with the game gradually into a good situation, slowly showing the offensive power under the basket. In the end, Hamilton scored 27 points and 5 rebounds in 4 of 5 shots from outside, while Youdu contributed 12 points and 8 rebounds. Shougangs two towers tactics were recognized both inside and outside the team.

This is the first time that Big Boy and Yodo have played together in a formal match. On the defensive side, we have shown something very interesting, and there is room for improvement on the offensive side. It will take patience and time to make use of these two lines. Yanis said. The two big foreign aid also mentioned jointly controlling the three-second zone and cooperated with each other tacitly. Hamilton praised the arrival of new teammates as a greater threat on the defensive side, while Yodo affirmed their efforts on the offensive side and said: As you can see, our guards have organized the team very well, what we need to do is to keep healthy and play a role in the system.

Last night, Wang Xu and Zhou Yixiang were the guards of the two towers. When the new season officially kicks off and healthy Fang Shuo or Liu Xiaoyu appears, the Double Towers will surely be more powerful.

Lin Shuhaodby was on the scene to cheer. Sports Map of Shougang

Lin Shuhaos Adaptation Period

Demonstrate two-sidedness

In the two pre-season matches, Lin Shuhao showed two different styles of Lin Madness and Lin Team, each of which was his efforts to integrate into the new team and adapt to the new league.

The first battle 40 points, and foreign aid counterpart breakthrough layup can be one step over. As a true NBA player, Lin Shuhao can be competent for small CBA foreign aid, which is beyond doubt, his starting speed is even better than some small CBA foreign aid. Lin Shuhao also knows that when the real season begins, the other 19 teams will only be more closely guarded. In the second pre-season game, when facing Jiangsu Team, as long as he attacked with the ball, the opponent immediately defended at all costs. These, Lin Shuhao is suitable for CBA valuable experience.

After the first match, Lin Shuhao talked about the way he handled the double-fold was not good enough and took the initiative to take responsibility for the loss, saying that he should use more passes to help his teammates. In Game 2, when the offensive feeling was not as hot as before, he immediately fulfilled what he called improving the performance of his teammates and showed his ability to drive the team through the organization of series. Lin Shuhao also mentioned that the offense is not good, but we can not do without defense. It can be seen that the stars still need to carry out the idea of Shougang teams defensive start.

I never liked to fight five people alone. In this way, Lin Shuhao has said many times since he came to Shougang. As a recognized leader of the team, he will find a suitable switching mode between scoring and organization as he learns from the league and runs in with the team.

Liu Chen, Reporter of the New Beijing News

Source: New Beijing Daily Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800