Do you have any of these faults like temptation reward and compulsory payment express cabinet?

 Do you have any of these faults like temptation reward and compulsory payment express cabinet?

Seduction reward? Fengchao has responded

In response to this matter, Beiqing news reporter visited many communities using Fengchao express cabinet, and found that, as reflected by netizens, Fengchao express cabinet will appear the reward page when picking up the goods after the express is put in for a certain time. The page is based on two-dimensional code, showing the time when the express is stored in the cabinet, and has the words sweeping code appreciates 1 yuan storage fee. Under this page, there is an option to skip appreciation and a countdown of 30 seconds. Compared with the reward page, the font color of skip appreciation is lighter and compatible with the background color.

For this matter, Fengchao said that if the storage is greater than or equal to 7 hours, the Fengchao Express Cabinet will indeed pop up the page of appreciation payment, but the pick-up can be clicked to skip the appreciation for free, there is no phenomenon of compulsory fees, even more than 24 hours will not be compulsory charges. For the word skip appreciation after the adjustment becomes not obvious enough, Feng Chao has previously said that the picture changes are the result of conventional visual upgrades. On October 11, Fengchao responded to the incident reported by netizens. Fengchao said: reward is to encourage users to pick up items at the counter as soon as possible after receiving the pick-up code, so as to promote the efficient use of express resources. Whether the function is turned off or not can only be feedback to the technical department at present.


Compulsory charges for express cabinets and unclear charging standards

The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that at present, there are three brands of express cabinets in many districts in Beijing, including Fengchao, Newbie and Express. Compared with Fengchaos reward, courier is overtime direct charge, and users can not know whether to charge or not before using it.

There is only one kind of express delivery in our community. I dont usually let express delivery put in the express cabinet, because it may be charged. Residents of a small district in Tongzhou told Beiqing Daily that he found the charge only after an express was stored for more than 24 hours.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily noticed that there were no charges and Related words in the multiple information on the front page of express delivery cabinet. A user who is picking up a piece indicates that if the time-out occurs, it will jump out of paying the two-dimensional code after sweeping the piece. You cant get it without sweeping the payment. And how about the charging standard? Different users give different feedback to reporters. According to the feedback from netizens, express delivery cabinets are still free within 24 hours in some districts, free within 12 hours in some districts, free within 2 hours in some districts, and charged as soon as deposited in some districts.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily consulted the courier service as a consumer. For reporters to inquire about the charging standard of express delivery cabinet, customer service said that only the express delivery number put in the express cabinet can be inquired. It clearly indicates that it is impossible to directly answer the charging standard. At the same time, it also clarifies that before using express delivery cabinet, users can not know whether the relevant express cabinet they use charges and what standard charges.

And this kind of charging mode is also criticized by consumers. A reporter from Beiqing Daily inquired about the black cat complaint and found that there were 26 complaints about express delivery, most of which were charged for unknown complaints.


The effect of the implementation of the new regulations for more than ten days remains to be observed

On October 1, the Measures for the Management of Intelligent Express Box Delivery Service (hereinafter referred to as Measures for Management) issued by the Ministry of Transportation came into effect.

According to the Regulations, before using intelligent express box to deliver express mail, the recipients consent shall be obtained; if the recipient disagrees, the enterprise using intelligent express box shall provide delivery service according to the address stipulated in the express service contract. Except for the smart express box designated by the sender as the delivery address when delivering goods. In addition, if the package of express mail is obviously damaged and the weight of the express mail is obviously inconsistent with the record of the delivery details sheet, the enterprise using the intelligent express box shall not use the intelligent express box for delivery. If the delivery details list indicates that the items in the express are fresh products and valuable items, the enterprise using the intelligent express box shall not use the intelligent express box to deliver them, unless otherwise agreed with the sender. Where an enterprise uses the smart express box to place the express in the smart express box according to the agreement, it shall promptly notify the recipient to take out the express and inform the name, address and storage period of the smart express box. Intelligent express box operation enterprises shall reasonably set up the storage period of express mail and shall not charge the recipients within the storage period.

Many citizens believe that the service level of the last kilometer of express delivery should be upgraded and improved after the implementation of the Measures. However, the actual experience shows that there is little difference from the previous one.

Mr. Zhao, a citizen, received seven online express purchases after the Eleventh anniversary. No matter which express company delivered them, all of them were directly put into the express cabinet without receiving any telephone calls. And Beiqing Daily reporters in Chaoyang Changying District in front of a small express cabinet to see, often have express delivery trucks to stop in front of the express cabinet, take express direct operation into the express cabinet, during which there is no inspection of parcels, dial phone behavior. The reporter of Beiqing Daily then visited the express cabinet in more than ten districts of Chaoyang, Dongcheng and Tongzhou. Only four or five couriers dialed the phone before putting the express into the express cabinet. Some couriers explained why they put the express cabinet without consulting the users. Some of them had consulted the users before leaving the express cabinet and others had consulted the users before putting it into the express cabinet. There are also couriers who admit they dont have time to make phone calls. Its too busy to answer the phone now. If you dont want to put the express cabinet, tell me about it.

Functional departments suggest that if consumers encounter irregular operation of couriers, they can complain to enterprises, which need to be rectified according to the actual needs of the recipients. At the same time, we can also make a complaint call 12305 for customers in the postal industry.

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Source: Yang Bin_NF4368, responsible editor of Beijing Youth Daily