Uniqlos Indian stores face special challenges

 Uniqlos Indian stores face special challenges

Uniqlos overseas sales in fiscal year 2018 (up to August 2018) exceeded those in Japan, and the mainland market of China played a driving role.

Reported that in China, digital marketing based on social networking sites and the brand strategy of joining hands with Japanese popular cartoon image have worked. In India, Uniqlo is not transplanting the existing model, but working with local women designers to launch traditional clothing such as Kurta. We will win or lose by localizing the needs of young people thoroughly.

Looking for High Quality Factory

Japanese media said, but people concerned pointed out that Uniqlo production in India is difficult.

It is reported that India requires local purchases of goods sold at a minimum of 30% (in terms of amount). Uniqlo needs factories that can not only manufacture products, but also achieve mass production and ensure quality, said people concerned. Uniqlo plans to increase local purchasing to 30% within five years, but whether it meets the regulatory requirements is still unknown at this stage.

The report points out that Uniqlos competitors are in the lead in India. Among the three largest apparel companies in the world, ZARA, owned by Inditex, entered India in 2010 and operated 22 stores (up to the end of July). H&M, ranked second in the world, entered India in 2015 and operated 43 stores (as of October 4).

Uniqlo entered the mainland market in 2002, and now mainland China has become the main profitable market to stimulate overseas business. Liu Jing, who previously stressed that it is unimaginable for Asia to leave China and India, has finally taken a step forward.

The report points out that the three garment giants are competing fiercely in Asia with sustained economic growth. Uniqlos annual sales are about 2.1 trillion yen. Inditex is over 3 trillion yen and H&M is about 2.3 trillion yen. To catch up with H&M, rapid marketing is indispensable to develop the Indian market.

On October 3, Uniqlo India No. 1 opened in New Delhi, the capital of India. (AFP)