NASA: SpaceX Dragon or its first manned test flight early next year

 NASA: SpaceX Dragon or its first manned test flight early next year

Reported that Brighton Stein 10 visited the SpaceX headquarters in California, the United States, announced the above news.

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, said he hoped to deliver the Dragon spacecraft to NASA by the end of this year.

If everything goes according to plan, it will be the first quarter of next year, Bredenstein said. According to reports, Bridenstin also stressed NASAs concern about the safety of astronauts, saying, We will not take any undue risks.

Musk and bradenstein say they are working together to solve SpaceXs technical challenges, including its return to parachute and propulsion systems.

Its a very difficult engineering task to design a good parachute, Musk said. He added that the parachute of the final manned dragon spacecraft would be safer than that of the Apollo era.

Since the decommissioning of the US space shuttle in 2011, NASA has had to rely on Russian spacecraft to deliver US astronauts at a cost of $85 million per seat. In order to change this situation, NASA strongly supports commercial space flight. In 2014, SpaceX and Boeing were commissioned to build the manned version of the Dragon spacecraft and the Star Airliner respectively. However, the first flight time of the two spacecraft has been delayed many times since 2017, which was originally planned.

So far, SpaceX has never sent humans into space, and only goods have been transported.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Yang Zeyu_NF6036