Man trapped in water tower: climbed up to find that he was afraid of soft legs

 Man trapped in water tower: climbed up to find that he was afraid of soft legs

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Man trapped in water tower! The good-hearted man crawled up to rescue and collapsed (Source: Look at the news)

At about 12 oclock on October 11, a construction site opposite the traffic accident treatment squadron of Beishan Road, Dagang, Zhenjiang New District, Jiangsu Province, was trapped on a water tower about 30 meters high. After receiving the alarm, Zhenjiang Port Fire Rescue Squadron rushed to the scene for disposal.

Firefighters arrived and found that the site was a construction site. On a water tower at the site, two men were found sitting at the top of the tower. After questioning the police, we learned that one of the people on the water tower was trapped, and the other was rescuing. Upon arrival, it was found that the trapped man was completely unable to stand and one person could not be rescued, so he called the police.

Fire rescue means that the fighters immediately carry out rescue work, parking the 53-meter ladder fire truck in an extensible position. Thereafter, a firefighter climbed the ladder and extended it to the top of the water tower. After about three minutes, the trapped man was rescued successfully.

What was the situation then? Faced with the fire fighters interrogation, the rescued man calmed down, and then told the rescue team fearfully: Unexpectedly, after going up, his legs were soft, and he could not come down. Then he tried several times. Despite the help of a kind man, he still dared not walk. After that, I found myself afraid of heights!

Source: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799