Shipwreck with Chinese crew off the coast of Japan: 4 rescued and 8 missing

 Shipwreck with Chinese crew off the coast of Japan: 4 rescued and 8 missing

According to the change of typhoon Haibeisi route, there is a possibility of storm surge in eastern Japan and other areas from 12 to 13. The picture shows the huge waves caused by typhoon approaching Japan. Source: ICphoto

According to Japanese Daily News Network and local media in Nagasaki, 3 of the 12 crew members were Burmese, 7 were Chinese and 2 were Vietnamese. The ship is said to have unloaded its anchor in the vicinity to avoid typhoon Haibeth. Considering the smell of oil and gas near the accident site, the Japanese security headquarters believed that the cargo ship sank for some reason and was conducting a detailed investigation.

Typhoon No. 19 of this year, Haibei, is ravaging Japan. Haibeisi landed on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan on the evening of 12, and then continued to move to the Kanto area. According to the latest report of Japan Release Association, Heibeth has caused 5 deaths, 17 missing, 106 injured in Japan, and many places sounded the warning of the highest levels of heavy rain and floods.

The Chinese Embassy in Japan issued an urgent typhoon-related reminder on its official website, calling on tourists and Chinese citizens planning to travel to Japan to pay timely attention to weather conditions, adjust their travel schedule in advance, stay away from rivers, seashores and mountainous areas to avoid natural disasters such as floods or landslides, and ensure travel safety. (Overseas Network Yao Kaihong)

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Yang Zeyu_NF6036