Are the post-90s sleeping poor? The trillion-dollar market behind lack of sleep is opening up

 Are the post-90s sleeping poor? The trillion-dollar market behind lack of sleep is opening up

The post-90s have become the main consumer of sleep-aiding products

Yi Fei, born in 1997, is a senior this year. Since he went to college, he has basically maintained the habit of falling asleep at about 2 a.m. every day, but since last year, he has suddenly had serious sleep problems, and he has become accustomed to buying sleeping aids.

College student Yi Fei: I bought melatonin, earplugs and eye patches. In less than a year, the total cost was about 500 yuan, equivalent to a months meal in school.

Xiaoyu, born in 1992, is also willing to invest in her sleep. She admitted that she spent about 4,000 yuan on bedding in the past two years, and recently purchased a latex pillow of about 800 yuan.

Xiaoyu, an Internet practitioner: I cant sleep soundly because I have a little bit of trouble. I have to buy something very comfortable. Even if the price is higher, I can accept it.

E-commerce platform data show that in January-August 2019, the purchase of imported sleeping aids increased by 118%, accounting for 62% of the total number of consumers, exceeding the total of other age groups.

Reporters searched the platform and found that many hot commodities are not low unit price, such as a steam eye mask which occupies the top five turnover of 79 yuan per box, and net red single product sleeping essential oil, silk eye mask prices are also around 200 yuan.

Chen Qi, head of a sleeping product brand: The sales of steam eyewear in the business channel have kept double-digit growth for five consecutive years, and the proportion of young people under 30 years old is basically more than half.

Li Yongfang, marketing director of a sleeping product: The proportion of melatonin products consumed by post-90s is 85%. According to the data purchased by consumers, it may be in the millions level, but the post-90s population accounts for more than tens of millions of people in our overall population structure.

In addition to some sleeping hardware products, reporters found in mobile software download stores that there are dozens of sleeping apps for hypnotic music and meditation courses. Industry experts believe that the current domestic sleep industry is rising, and it is expected that by 2030, the market size of Chinas sleep industry will exceed trillion yuan.

Wang Guangliang, president of the Sleep Industry Branch of the National Association of Health Industry Enterprise Management, said that the growth of the sleep industry in recent years has been about 20% annually. Now many people begin to invest in the market before going to bed, which is quite imaginative.

Brushing Cell Phone Pressure Young People toss and turn hard to sleep

China Sleep Index, from the National Association of Health Industry Enterprise Management, classifies sleep quality into five levels: sweet, comfortable, bitter, irritable and insomnia. According to the survey, the total number of post-90s sleepers in bitter and astringent area, irritable area and insomnia area accounted for 68.2%, showing a state of need to toss and turn to fall asleep safely. In addition, the average sleep time of post-90s is 23:50, and the latest sleep is also the sleep label of post-90s. Whats the reason why the post-90s roll and roll?

College student Yi Fei: I didnt sleep for two consecutive days. Maybe it was also because of the pressure at that time, mainly the pressure of going abroad, and my roommate was taking the postgraduate exam. When he turned on the light, I couldnt sleep.

Xiaoyu, an Internet practitioner, sleeps around 12:00 and 1:00, mainly brushing his mobile phone and watching TV plays. He always feels that he works too long during the day and wants to have some free time in the evening. Once he plays, the time passes quickly.

According to the China Sleep Index Report of 2019, 54.3% of the post-90s will play mobile phones or iPads and other electronic devices before going to bed, with an average of 50 minutes before going to bed. Night has become a window for post-90s to find themselves and release their pressure. In addition, house, lack of sports, rich night life is also one of the reasons.

Ye Jingying, chairman of the Sleep Medicine Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, said that the circadian rhythm is mainly maintained by light. There is no sunshine during the day and special bright light at night. The circadian rhythm is easily destroyed.

However, experts warn that in order to get a healthy sleep, it is not enough to rely solely on various concepts of smart beds and smart wear products. In addition, there is a lack of relevant industry standards for such products. Misuse and abuse of melatonin will only aggravate the burden on the body.

Zhan Shuqin, Chief Physician of Neurology, Xuanwu Hospital, Capital Medical University: It is possible that the secretion of melatonin is insufficient, but it does not make a long-term drug for insomnia, change the way of life, and establish a good rest time. This is the first thing to correct.

Source: CCTV Financial Responsibility Editor: Yang Bin_NF4368