My brother-in-law cheated and my daughter-in-law got married seven years later, and there was a real estate war.

 My brother-in-law cheated and my daughter-in-law got married seven years later, and there was a real estate war.

Who ever thought their respective partners would be better?

And married.

The familys relationship is a real mess.


That fashion did not divorce, her sisters husband Wang Mou in order to appease the new wife, bought a set of house for her. But remarriage life is not as sweet as it is imagined, and the divorce crisis reappears. Wang Mou once tried his best to keep the apartment that he bought for extra-marital affairs from being separated. He never expected that not only did he fail to prevent his ex-wife, but he also led the wolf into the room and the new wife and brother would come to divide the apartment, causing him unresolved troubles. Reporters learned that recently, the Suzhou Wuzhong Court concluded the case.

The respective companions of relatives, sisters and brothers are getting better.

Sister Zhou Moulins husband is Wang Moulin. My brother Zhou Moomings wife is Li Moufang. The two brothers and sisters are less than 500 meters apart and have close contacts. Who ever thought that for a long time, Wang Mou and Li Moufang began to have feelings beyond their relatives.

In 2003, Wang and Lis extramarital affairs were noticed by their brother Zhou Mooming. Li Mofang divorced Zhou Mooming immediately. In order to compensate Li Moufang, Wang wants to buy a real estate for her to live in, and promises to divorce Zhou Moulin as soon as possible.

However, Wang has made trouble because of one thing. He has not divorced yet. If he buys a house now, he will have property in the marriage. When he gets divorced, he needs to divide the house.

In order not to let Zhou Moulin know, Wang Mou and Li Moufang have repeatedly sought friends to discuss countermeasures, and finally decided to buy a house in the name of Li Moufangs brother, Li Mouming. Wang reached an oral agreement with him, agreeing that all the purchase money will be paid by Wang, and the transfer of property rights will be processed after the marriage of Wang and Li Moufang.

In January 2005, Wang Mou moved into the house to live with Li Moufang. In July of the same year, he divorced Zhou Moulin.

Considering the high transaction tax of residential housing in less than five years and the poor environment of the residential area, Wang Mou and Li Moufang did not ask Li Mouming to transfer their houses to them after their remarriage in 2009.

Separating the house from the original

However, Wang Mou and Li Moufangs remarriage life is not as sweet as imagined. During 2016, Li Moufang believed that Wang Mous disposition was difficult to change and derailed again. He filed divorce suits twice before the court. During the period, he took away the house property certificate and other materials originally kept by Wang Mou. Li also called the police as the owner of the house to evict Wang from the house.

Wang Mou believed that the house was purchased with his own funds. In order to prevent divorce and division of property with Zhou Moulin, he registered the property rights of the house under the name of Li Mooming. The relevant purchase procedures were operated by Li Moufang, and he had many invoices with the characters of Wang Mou, Wang Boss and Li Moufang in his hands during 2004. Now Li Moufang wants to divorce herself. She not only transfers her property certificate, but also expels her from the house with Li Mouming.

The ex-wife has to divide the house when she learns the details.

In the court hearing, Li Mooming said that Wang Mous statements were all fabricated, and there was no such thing as buying a house under the name of another person. Li Moufang also said that Li Mouming had pity on himself and Wang Mou for renting a house outside, so he loaned the house to live with Wang Mou.

After hearing about this, Zhou Yulin, Wangs ex-wife, filed an application to the court to share half of the property rights of the whole house if the house involved in the case is determined to be Wangs share.

Wang didnt expect that in order to keep the house that he bought for the development of extramarital affairs undivided, many people would covet it in the end, not only failed to prevent his ex-wife, but also lured wolves into the house, causing him unreasonable troubles.

The family farce was finally settled in court

In order to clarify the facts of the case, the undertaking officer analyzed the evidence from various angles.

In addition, Wang Mou purchased the sued house during his marriage with his ex-wife Zhou Moulin. Zhou Moulin therefore has the right of recourse and has the right to claim the division of the joint property of husband and wife. Accordingly, the Wuzhong Court finally decided at first instance to dissolve the relationship between Wang Mou and Li Mooming, confirming that Zhou Moulin accounted for 50% of the real estate property rights and Wang Mou accounted for 16.73%. Transfer formalities are handled by Wang Moulin and Zhou Moulin, with the assistance of Li Mooming. Li Mooming appealed against the judgment, and the Suzhou Intermediate Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Xiao Qi_NN6799