Freight fare increases after road traffic accident under side-turning bridge in Wuxi

 Freight fare increases after road traffic accident under side-turning bridge in Wuxi

Beijing News on the evening of October 10, 312 National Highway and Xigang road bridge in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, overturned. Yesterday morning, Xigang Road under the accident viaduct resumed traffic. Wuxi Municipal Government issued a message that in the future, trucks in Wuxi need to weigh on the high-speed.

The accident investigation was initiated and five experts joined the investigation team.

Yesterday, a reporter from the Beijing News saw on the spot that the rollover bridge deck which had crossed Xigang Road had been cleaned up, construction vehicles had basically withdrawn from the road, Xigang Road was restored to traffic, and 312 National Road nearby was still under two-way control.

The traffic police detachment of Wuxi Public Security Bureau released a message that at 7:10 on the 12th, the north-south direction of Xigang Road opened and traffic returned to normal. At present, temporary traffic control still exists in Wuxi section of 312 National Highway.

The Beijing News reporter learned from the Information Office of the Peoples Government of Wuxi that after the accident, a traffic accident investigation team was set up in Wuxi, which consists of a comprehensive group, a management group and a technical group. Five experts were invited to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation.

On October 11, the accident investigation was officially launched. The investigation team conducted an advance investigation on the owner, the vehicle causing the accident, the loading situation, the overturned and compressed vehicle on the bridge deck, the overturned vehicle on the bridge deck, the transport company and the unit of the cargo loading terminal, and took compulsory measures according to law for the driver, the owner, the legal representative of the transport enterprise and the main person in charge and the administrator of the cargo loading terminal.

The expert group hired by the investigation team collected 9 kinds of relevant data of accident bridges and adjacent two bridges, and carried out technical level analysis. After synthesizing the relevant information of all parties, the expert group will make further analysis and judgment on the cause of the accident, and finally form a technical analysis report.

Trucks in Wuxi need to be weighed up to high speed

Yesterday, the Wuxi Municipal Government issued a message that in the future, before the high-speed trucks in Wuxi, they should first go on the refuse to exceed the scale test, so that the load can pass through the clamp.

According to the relevant person in charge of Wuxi Highway Administration, the normal range of cargo will be released automatically after automatic deduction of fees. If the vehicle exceeds the limit, it will be forbidden to enter the high-speed and be forced to unload.

Designers claim that the design meets the specifications.

Yesterday, Jiangsu Zhongshi Group Co., Ltd., a rollover bridge design unit, said that the design of the accident viaduct meets the requirements of various specifications.

Sun Jiajun, the Secretary of Zhongshan Stock Company, responded to reporters of the Beijing News that the title page of the construction map posted on the Internet could not correspond to the section of the accident at all, which was not in line with the facts. The company declined to comment on where the image came from.

Sun Jiajun said that the causes of the accident are various, overload is unlimited, no matter how big the safety factor may be. Next, the company will cooperate with experts and investigation team to further understand the accident situation. The company will announce the accident by next Monday.

Follow up

After the accident, the local freight car pulled only one coil and the freight increased.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the steel city and logistics enterprises near the accident site, and found that after the accident, the truck pulled only one coil at a time, and the transportation cost rose sharply, from 20 yuan per ton to 35 yuan or higher.

A truck driver said that no one officially notified that no overloading, just after the accident, we consciously dare not.

One car before, six now

Yang Xiongs six-axle semi-trailer pulled only a roll of steel. He made a special video and sent a circle of friends saying, Its a bit out of habit.

After picking up goods from the wharf in Jiangyin, he went south along Xicheng Road and went to Jiangsu Daming Metal Products Company near 312 National Road. The whole journey went very smoothly.

Reporters saw that, because each truck only pulled a coil of steel, unloading quickly, Yang Xiong did not have to queue, only spent more than 10 minutes from the factory.

Along National Highway 312, almost all the trucks that reporters saw were pulling a coil of steel, and some trucks had no time to dismantle the wooden brackets originally installed for carrying more coils. There used to be one car, but now there are six cars. They are not enough. A truck driver said.

Because there are a lot of big trucks passing by on weekdays, pits and holes can be seen everywhere on Zhongyuan Road leading to 312 National Highway. Frequent trucks pass by, and new dust is released before the dust falls down.

The driver of a truck said that the area was still busy, but the biggest change was that the truck pulled fewer goods than before the accident. Yang Xiong said that no one officially notified that no overloading, just after the accident, everyone consciously dared not.

Freight increased from 20 yuan per ton to 35 yuan

In two days, the freight has gone up. A merchant in Dongfang Steel City said that in the past it was 20 yuan per ton, but now it almost doubles, and some enterprises have more than doubled.

Yang Xiong has no objection to higher freight rates. His transportation company has only a few cars, responsible for short-distance steel transportation between Wuxi, Jiangyin and Zhangjiagang. In the past two days, the transportation cost of his company has increased from 20 yuan per ton to 35 yuan.

Yang Xiong felt that if each car was loaded less, it would save the queue time for loading and unloading, and he would no longer have to avoid the traffic police to pick up the morning and evening. Dont be frightened, you can safely run a few more trips and draw a few more commissions.

On the dock side, we dont ask how to load the goods.

Mr. Ding said that after the truck came in, the company would issue a Notice of Entry to the driver and ask for his signature. The reporter saw that article 7 of the regulation: when the vehicle leaves the wharf, it is deemed that the driver approves the completion of the operation procedures. If there is overload, cargo tilting, sliding and other accidents and other circumstances, they have nothing to do with the wharf.

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