Divergence in the German ruling coalition deepens doubts about Merkels succession plan

 Divergence in the German ruling coalition deepens doubts about Merkels succession plan

The Youth League held a plenary meeting on the same day, with 170 votes in favour and 107 against the adoption of the above opinions. The CDU will hold a plenary meeting next month to consider the voice of the Youth League.

According to the existing tradition of the CDU/JISA, the chairman of the CDU is automatically elected as the candidate for prime minister without a vote. Neither the CDU nor the leadership of the sister party Christian Social Union (CDU) supported the change of the above practices.

[Succession arrangements face challenges

According to Reuters, differences within Germanys ruling coalition have dealt a blow to Kranp-Karenbauer and could disrupt Merkels efforts to ensure a smooth transition of power.

On the one hand, after Klamp-Karenbauer took over as party chairman, several disasters came out of the mouth and touched on sensitive topics such as homosexuality. His political ability aroused doubts from the outside world, and the support rate inside and outside the party continued to decline. There are also public opposition at the top of the CDU to the automatic appointment of Klamp Karenbauer as prime minister candidate.

On the other hand, the ruling coalition has been poorly elected in this years elections to the European Parliament. Social Democratic Party (SDP) is facing pressure to withdraw from the ruling coalition because it is difficult to bridge the differences between SDP and CDU/KISA. By the end of this year, the SPD will conduct a mid-term assessment of the prospects for joint governance. If it decides to withdraw, it will lead to early elections.

Source: Xinhua Author: Xu Chao Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799