Three-wheeler owner escaped from the collapse of Wuxi viaduct but was questioned for running the red light

 Three-wheeler owner escaped from the collapse of Wuxi viaduct but was questioned for running the red light

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Instant exposure of collapse of Wuxi viaduct: multi-wheeled man riding three wheels rubbed shoulders with death (source: ~)

Liu Jianjuns life these days has been full of three things: waiting to repair the tricycle, interviewing reporters, and being congratulated by different humane great fortune.


After watching the video of himself escaping from death in the moment of bridge collapse, Liu Jianjun felt that it was somewhat incompatible with his memory.

At 6:00 p.m. on October 10, a bridge was erected on Shanghai Dinggang West Road on 312 National Highway in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. A preliminary analysis was made on the rollover caused by overweight trucks. Liu Jianjun happened to ride a three-wheeled vehicle with plates and jumped out in time when the bridge collapsed.

Liu Jianjun was still hungry when he fled, and did not eat lunch that day.

Liu Jianjun is 36 years old. He is black and strong. Half of his short hair has turned white. He laughs that it is because of his familys inheritance. His hometown is Taizhou, Jiangsu Province. He has been working in Wuxi for three years and has been doing transportation work. Liu Jianjun was on the way to deliver the goods when the accident happened. There is a building material market near the viaduct. I deliver the goods from the market to a place very close to me, just across the bridge.

Liu Jianjun had to go through the bridge hole at least five or six times a day. Just before the accident, as he approached the bridge, he heard a different voice on the bridge. I cant describe it. In a word, it feels strange.

This voice gave Liu Jianjun a glimmer of alarm. Then he saw the bridge in front of him begin to collapse downward. Liu Jianjun began to brake and ready to jump. I remember jumping before the bridge collapsed completely, but the video showed me jumping after the collapse. Liu Jianjun did not understand what was going on, and finally interpreted it as frightened.

Leg soft

Liu Jianjun was not so afraid of the collapse of the bridge deck until he saw two cars pressed underneath him. Liu Jianjun was frightened. His legs were suddenly soft and he collapsed directly to the ground.

After jumping out, Liu Jianjun ran behind the tricycle. The front of the tricycle which he had used for more than two years was hit. Liu Jianjun collapsed on the ground for a while. His legs were still soft and he could not stand up. He climbed back to the tricycle himself.

More and more people gathered after the accident. Rescue workers came, and Liu Jianjun was asked to leave.

My legs are soft and I cant move at all. Liu Jianjun told rescue workers. Rescue workers pushed Liu Jianjun and the tricycle back three times. Liu Jianjun and his three-wheeled car, who had experienced life and death together, stayed near the accident site for four hours until more than 10 p.m. that night, he received a phone call from his aunt and aunt. The four hoursbrain was blank, there was no time concept, but he felt very fast.

Three years ago, Liu Jianjun came to Wuxi from his hometown of Taizhou to join his relatives. His wife and teenage son stayed in his hometown. My aunt and aunt live very close to me. Seeing that I didnt come home very late, I called. Liu Jianjun said that when her aunt came, she brought herself a piece of rice because she knew he had not eaten dinner yet.


Aunt and aunt, riding an electric bicycle, searched for Liu Jianjun at the scene of the accident for a long time. Liu Jianjun, who met his relatives, was still in a very confused state.

On his tricycle ride home, Liu Jianjun received a phone call from his wife and son. They saw the video online and recognized that it was me.

After returning home, my cousin went to buy Liu Jianjun a salute, Celebrate my fate. That evening Liu Jianjun was taken out for dinner again. He drank some wine and was overwhelmed. Liu Jianjun said with a laugh.

It was more than two oclock the next morning when he returned home again. Liu Jianjun slept soundly. What he didnt know was that when he woke up, he would get so much attention.

After the accident, the vicinity of the accident site has been in a closed state. During the day of October 11, Liu Jianjun made a detour and sent the damaged tricycle to a repair shop not far from the accident site for repair.

Soon, a reporter found Liu Jianjun. Later, more and more journalists found Liu Jianjun.

In addition to the journalists who flocked to interview him, many people in the vicinity also talked to Liu Jianjun through reports, and even took pictures with him as if they had seen a star. Liu Jianjuns most common words are if you survive a great disaster, you will be blessed, if you are lucky, and if you are lucky. Liu Jianjun said that his tricycle had not been repaired, and his two-day life was full of three things: waiting to repair the tricycle, receiving interviews with reporters, and being congratulated by different humanities on great fortune.

Red light

After coming to Wuxi to work, this tricycle accompanied Liu Jianjun through life and death was the second car he bought. The previous tricycle had an accident, I think it was unlucky, so I sold it.

There was a awning in the front of the blue car. The front windshield was completely smashed, the front of the car was smashed into a big pit, and the headlights were smashed. Liu Jianjun drove this tricycle to and fro to deliver goods every day for more than two years, and never had an accident. I didnt expect that the accident was so big. Compared with many people, I was lucky. Liu Jianjun said.

After the video of him jumping off the car in time spread on the Internet, many people said that Liu Jianjun broke the red light in the accident.

I didnt run the red light. Liu Jianjun was somewhat helpless about this remark. Before I crossed the stop line, it was still a green light, and it was going to turn red. I wanted to hurry because lunch and dinner had not been eaten that day. I wanted to rush back to eat after delivery. But when he passed the stop line, the green light turned red. Liu Jianjun started to brake quickly. During the braking process, the tricycle did not stop immediately. He went on for a period of time and came to where he was at the time of the accident.

Then he went through a narrow escape.

Liu Jianjun has not joined any company, the work of transporting sheet metal has been his own work, relying on word of mouth among customers to expand the scope of business. After the tricycle was smashed, Liu Jianjun hasnt delivered the goods in these two days, but he has received many calls from customers.

Some customers know about me, others dont. Liu Jianjun said that the bridge that collapsed in front of him at that time was a shadow, but just like someone would get sick and someone would have surgery, he would live as before.

And accompanied him through all this tricycle, after repair, Liu Jianjun will continue to use until scrapped.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Qilu Evening News