Sophomores suspected of drowning after being cuddled and fanned have moved out of their dormitories

 Sophomores suspected of drowning after being cuddled and fanned have moved out of their dormitories

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Kunming police report a woman who was suspected of falling into the water after being cuddled and fanned to death: set up a working group to verify (source: surging news)

My only daughter Xiaocao (alias), a 181-class sophomore majoring in Internet of Things Engineering at Kunming University of Technology, will be her 19th birthday on November 15. Unfortunately, she will never have this birthday again. In the early morning of Oct. 12, a netizen named Ning Wan Shou Liao wrote in QQ space that on Sept. 9, he received the news of his daughters suicide by jumping the river, and his family had many doubts about this statement. Overnight, the incident aroused great concern on the Internet, and the incident also triggered a wide range of forwarding on micro-blog.

The bad news came at 3 a.m.

QQ space Posts said that at about 3 a.m. on September 9, Xiaocaos family received bad news from Kunming police: four children jumped together, one of them was Xiaocao, and the body was still being salvaged.

From home to Kunming, people on duty warned their families that Xiaocao had committed suicide by drunkenness. A girl in flower season who is under 19 years old is a sunny and enterprising child in her familys eyes. She was still calling her mother the day before. A sudden death is like a bolt from the blue for a family. In addition to grief, some doubts have arisen in the hearts of family members.

Waiting for my daughter to come home for the holidays

On October 12, the reporter contacted Ning Wan Shou Liao, who claimed to be the mother of the deceased Xiaocao, Ms. Chen, who lives in Master Qujing.

Ms. Chen said that when Xiaocao was nine months old, her husband was killed in a mine accident, and she lived with her children and her brothers family ever since.

On September 8, Ms. Chen also spoke to her daughter by telephone. My daughter said she would buy tickets for the National Day holidays and watch the parade with me. I also gave her the money to buy tickets and waited for her to come back. Mrs. Chen looked forward to it with joy, but she waited for the bad news.

Black plastic bags containing relics

Ms. Chen said that at about 3 a.m. on September 9, her younger brother told her that Xiaocao was drunk and was taken away by the police and asked her family to go to the police station to bring her back.

When I arrived at the police station and saw my sister-in-law crying, they told me that the child committed suicide by jumping into the river with three other students. After hearing the news, Mrs. Chen couldnt believe it. Then the watchman warned her that Xiaocao was drunk and committed suicide. The body had not yet been recovered. She was given a black plastic bag containing Xiaocaos relics (a bag, a mobile phone, a campus card) and asked her to sign for it.

[Video surveillance

The man pressed the grass all over his body and his companion ignored it.

As can be seen from the Bar Monitoring Video posted on Ms. Chens microblog, a man in black pressed grass on his chair with his body, and the grass rebelled violently.

Has the deceased ever been slapped, strangled or slapped?

Then, at first, the man in black who pressed the grass got up, and Ren and another man came to the grass. Another man grabbed Xiaocaos arm, Ren Mou pressed Xiaocaos shoulder and tied her neck to keep the grass from moving. Subsequently, the man in black who first suppressed Xiaocao slapped Xiaocao 2 times in the face.

What happened after walking out of the bar?

Ms. Chen said that she saw in the video that after being slapped for more than 10 minutes, Xiaocao was shaken by a man and walked out of the bar. Soon after Xiaocao left the room, she heard someone shouting falling into the water from the surveillance video.

Ms. Chen said that she did not know what had happened in the time after going out of the bar. But she could not accept the statement that her daughter and three other people committed suicide by jumping into the river.

Doubtful point

Where did two strange men come from?

In a trance, Ms. Chen thought: Four students committed suicide by jumping from the river. Why only themselves and their families came to the police station, and the families of the other three? Then two men came to me and said to me,Auntie, we havent touched her, we havent had any quarrels, she said she wanted to drink. I dont think its right until they say these things to me for some reason.

After many inquiries, Ms. Chen learned that the three people who were with Xiaocao that day were not all her classmates. Ms. Chen said that as far as she knew, one was her roommate and the other two were her roommates friends. One was a student from another school and the other was working in the government department. Xiaocao and the two met for the first time.

Ms. Chen said that she saw signs of torn jackets and scratches on her arms at the police station.

Doubtful point two:

Is it really a river jump between four people?

After watching the video of bar surveillance, it deepened Ms. Chens inner question: How can a girl who has always been clever and sensible make a ridiculous thing about jumping the river together? Why didnt the other three people jump the river well, but my daughter committed suicide by jumping the river? We asked to see the videos of the cameras in the drinking places, which made me very angry and shocked, Ms. Chen said.

Question three

Is it drunken suicide?

Ms. Chen also disagrees with Xiaocaos statement of suicide by drunkenness. My daughters body was discovered only on September 11. Is it hard to say that she committed suicide by drunkenness? Why did a good child who never drinks alcohol drink? Was it drunk or drunk intentionally?

Desperate Mother: I wanted to help her buy a house down when she graduated.

In Ms. Chens eyes, Xiaocao is a very good child. Graduate school has always been her dream. She passed CET-6 in her freshman year. Shortly before the accident, Xiaocao also called to share with her the joy of passing CET-6 once.

I used to work in a clothing store, rarely rest, just want to save more money, after she graduated from college to save her enough money to buy a house in Kunming down payment. But now shes gone. From the accident to now, for more than a month, I have been waiting for news every day, and I want the truth of one thing.

Classmate Memories: She is a warm girl

Xiao Zhou is Xiaocaos high school classmate. She felt sorry to hear about Xiaocaos death.

Xiao Zhou recalled: She is very nice and she studies very hard. If a boy bullies a girl, she will go and help her.

Another high school classmate said, She is a warm-hearted, helpful and intelligent girl with high EQ.

Many high school students last saw Xiaocao when they graduated from high school. In their memory, Li Xincao is a very warm girl.

She hugged herself and cheered herself on the college entrance examination; she explained the topic for herself without pretension; she bought candy for herself and wished herself good luck...

A classmate who met her after graduation recalled: Several times our high school classmates asked Xiaocao to eat hot pot together. Xiaocao said he wanted to bring something back to his roommate.

November 19, 2018, the dormitory bought a cotton candy machine, grass screen the dynamics of roommates, sent a Wechat Friends Circle - a family should be neat.

The students in the dormitory where they lived have moved out.

At 8 p.m. on October 12, the reporter arrived at Yiyuan of Kunming University of Technology (Chenggong Campus), the dormitory building where Xiaocao (alias) lived. The entrance guard is set at the door of the dormitory, and the Dormitory Supervisor is on duty.

Xiaocaos dormitory is a six-story building on the right side of the entrance. On the 6th floor, the reporter found Xiaocaos bedroom. The dormitory door was closed and there was no light in the room.

It is understood that the students in this dormitory have moved out after Xiaocao accident, and no one lives here at present.

In front of the dormitory building, reporters interviewed students from the same college as Xiaocao. The classmate said, We know about it. She is really our major. Its really regrettable and uncomfortable. But at present, we dont know what the truth is. Lets wait for the police to inform us.

Some of Xiaocaos senior students told reporters: Its our sophomore sister. I was shocked when I heard that this kind of thing happened beside us. Now, I hope that the government can explain this situation to us as soon as possible. The people all over the country are watching it. I believe that it will surely give the deceased a rest! _______

Panlong Police: A working group has been set up and is actively investigating.

At 2:54 p.m. on the 12th, Panlong police official micro-blog issued a briefing, which said: Today, it was found that netizens in Sina Weibo reflected the posting about Xiaocaos death in Taoyuan Street, Panlong District. Panlong Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it, and immediately set up a working group to verify the situation reflected by the citizens and publish the results of the verification to the outside world in a timely manner.


Bar Clerk: She ran out suddenly.

Bar patronized by Xiaocao et al.

On the afternoon of December 12, the reporter came to Taoyuan Street, Panlong District, Kunming, and found the bar in the surveillance video provided by Ms. Chen.

Bar patronized by Xiaocao et al.

Bar staff told reporters that on September 9, when they were at the bar checkout counter, they did not see the process of grass being pressed on chairs and slapped. But then I heard someone crying, got up and looked, and the man sitting near the door told her that the woman crying had drunk too much and was drunk mad and they were calming her mood. They said that the girls personality is usually a little lonely, a little depressed these two days, they accompanied her to decompress.

Xiaocao and others drank at this table that day.

They ordered a dozen drinks. The girl was supposed to be drunk. She ran out once in the middle and then went to the chair in the middle seat to wake up. Staff said that around two oclock in the morning, Xiaocao suddenly ran out, and two other male companions also went out, saying they would help her take a taxi home. After a while, three of them havent come back yet. Another girl asked me to help with the bag. She went out to see the situation. When she returned, she said that the drunk girl (Xiaocao) got into the taxi and then ran down from the taxi and jumped into the river.

Panlong River outside the bar

Staff said that the bar had cooperated with the police to provide surveillance videos on the day of the incident.

On October 12, the client of Peoples Daily reproduced a surging news release, Kunming Police set up a working group to verify the death of a woman suspected of falling into the water after being hit by an embracing fan.

According to the manuscript, at about 14:00 on December 12, Kunming Drum Tower Police Station told Peng Mei News that the police station had received the alarm of the aforementioned Xiaocao drowning death. A staff member of the Political Department of Panlong Branch of Kunming Public Security Bureau said that the aforementioned case was under investigation.

Girls are suspected of falling into the water after being fan-beaten and their mothers are killed: beaters have threatened the police

A netizen named Mama Li Xincao said on his micro-blog that day, the police on duty at Gulou police station in Panlong District of Kunming notified himself by telephone that there are four children about to jump the river together, one of them is Li Xincao. After she arrived at the police station, the police said Li Xincao committed suicide by drunkenness. But she doubts: her daughter has always been very good at learning, is a naive, lively, sunny child, how can people about to jump together suicide? And the other three did not jump the river well, only their daughter committed suicide by jumping the river alone? Public security organs have not even done autopsy. Why is it defined as drunken suicide?