FIFA 182 Small Countries Are Outrageous again! 1-1 Driving Team Manager Crazy

 FIFA 182 Small Countries Are Outrageous again! 1-1 Driving Team Manager Crazy

In the 19th minute of the match, Gazarians forward steal was successful. Balshezian fired a long shot from the right side outside the penalty area. The football flew into the dead corner of the goal and Armenia took the lead 1-0. Visiting fans in the coachs bench and the stands cheered and celebrated, looking as if Armenia would once again easily defeat Liechtenstein.

After two goals in this match, the actions of the two coaches are also in sharp contrast. When Armenia took the lead in scoring, their coaches and coaches clapped at the sidelines to celebrate, while the Liechtenstein coach could only sit on the coachs bench and laugh bitterly. When Liechtenstein equalised, the home coach embraced his assistant excitedly to celebrate, while the Armenian coach looked stunned and incredible.

Liechtenstein drew 1-1 away to Greece in the last Euro Cup qualifying round, and the match was a two-game tie for the team, who had already scored two points in the Euro Cup qualifying. It is worth mentioning that Salanovic scored a long-distance strike against Greece, and his breakthrough with the ball tore open the defensive line of the opponent. The Swiss winger who played for Turn in Liechtenstein was indeed an offensive weapon.

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