British media: Mourinho doesnt want to buy Fred at all! Manchester Uniteds top management forced him to accept it.

 British media: Mourinho doesnt want to buy Fred at all! Manchester Uniteds top management forced him to accept it.

The 26-year-old Brazilian midfielder Fred made his debut in the Brazilian international team and joined the Brazilian national team after joining Ukraines Donetsk miners in 2013. United signed Fred for 52 million last summer, but Freds performance at Manchester United was unsatisfactory and was gradually abandoned by Mourinho. In Mourinhos last six games at Manchester United, Fred played only once for 17 minutes.

ESPN, Goal and other media have rated Fred as one of the worst quotations in the Premier League last season, while Daily Telegraph editor-in-chief Bolt has publicly criticized that the signing of Fred for 52 million is the best evidence of Mourinhos extravagance. But this week, British media reported that Mourinho was reluctant to introduce Fred, but he had no other choice.

When Manchester United asked for Fred last summer, Mourinho had reservations about the signing, British media said. But Mourinho fears that if he calls for a suspension of Freds transfer and Manchester United do not bring in the midfield target they want, they will not be able to add to their midfield position. Eventually Mourinho had to accept the transfer arranged by the club, and Freds performance was as bad as he had feared. Previously Fred had been regarded as an example of Mourinhos failed high-priced transfer, but now it seems that Mourinho is not to blame for the failure of this transfer.

After Mourinhos class ended last December, Fred didnt get a turnaround at Manchester United either. Although he did well in several games, his overall performance did not improve significantly. After Solskjaer coached Manchester United, Fred started only eight times. But Solskjaer hasnt given up Fred yet. Weve seen Freds performance at the end of last season, playing well against Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal and Manchester City. Of course, we want him to take a new step this season.

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