All memories! Liverpool legend 3-2 Rangers Steven Gerrard assisted Heskey to break through

 All memories! Liverpool legend 3-2 Rangers Steven Gerrard assisted Heskey to break through

In the fifth minute, Carragher fouled Boyd in the penalty area. The Rangers got a penalty, but Boyd himself missed the penalty. In the 8th minute, Kuyt crossed from the right side of the penalty area, and Louis Garcia jumped to the back to break the door, leading Liverpool 1-0! In the 17th minute, Steven Gerrard made a long drive to the front and back of the penalty area, crossed the right of Louis Garcia, scored a Bog shot on the left side of the penalty area, and Liverpool 2-0!

In the 24th minute, McCullock passed the ball directly, Boyd scored against Dudek in the penalty area, and the Rangers pulled back a point 1-2.

In the 26th minute, Steven Gerrard assisted, scored from the left side of the Heskey penalty area against the goalkeeper, Liverpool 3-1! In the 28th minute, after receiving a header from his teammate, Lowenkland volleyed through the door, and the Rangers 2-3. In the 34th minute, Gerrard missed Kuyts pass. Liverpool were 3-2 ahead of Rangers at the end of the first half.

Neither side scored in the second half, and Gerrard was replaced in the 75th minute. In the 80th minute, Gerrard came on again, but he changed into a Rangers shirt and played on behalf of both teams in the same game. In the 85th minute, Gerrard made a good pass and Novo shot to fly. In the 88th minute, Gerrard passed the ball again. Ray shot higher than the crossbar. At the end of the game, Liverpool beat Rangers 3-2 away.

Liverpool legends list: Dudek, Johnson, Enrique, McCartier, Gerrard, Heskey, Borg, Louis Garcia, Smichel, Pennant, Kuyt, Cockland, Carragher, Walnock

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