My name is Shi Jianguo. I left the NBA and fell in love with China.

 My name is Shi Jianguo. I left the NBA and fell in love with China.

Last season, I averaged 7.2 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists per game for the Lakers. I know thats not my true level. Everyone knows that Lance, you are only 29 years old, and you are still at the peak of your career. You can have better choices.

After that, Liaoning found me and I chose them. But from their exchanges, I also seem to see some doubts, whether it can be integrated into the team system, and whether it can really sweep the CBA?

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Stephensons Guitar Collection (Source: Netease Sports)

My friend in America and my former teammate in the Lakers, Michael Beasley, once played in the CBA. I think Im much crazier than him. After all, hes starting to call me champion player.

After the extraordinary 12 games, the preparation for the new season began. My desire for competition is also growing. Back in the CBA warm-up game, the first time I met Stephen Marburys NC, we were all from Brooklyn, New York, so I used the way I played in Rock Park to score 43 points in front of him.

Marbury told me that in China, besides playing on the court, you need to integrate into their lives. In Anshan, Liaoning Province, the Chinese actually handed me a glass of wine before the competition. Oh, this is really crazy, but it is said to be their etiquette. I pretended to drink and pretended to be drunk. They expressed their satisfaction with my behavior.

After listening to Stephens words, I began to be full of curiosity and interest in life in China, and gradually found my new hobby - Kung Fu. I am a big fan of Bruce Lee, and here is his birthplace (note: Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, California, USA). I made a new development in my own IG. Its a picture of Kungfu practicing in the training ground. Its so cool. My friends in America, including Kuzma, all queued up to leave messages to me, and they all expressed their recognition of my integration into Chinese life.

No. 6 is a very moral number for me, but you know, LeBron has always had a habit of wearing No. 23 for games and No. 6 for training ground. As a result, there are two No. 6 players in the Lakerstraining ground. The team has to divide me into the substitute team. Needless to say, LeBron is in the main team.

Now that he has done so, I think its time for him to leave.

But to be honest, my fate is a bit turbulent, but to be exact, I am an immortal saltwater fish, always able to turn over.

After playing the high school league, when I was favored by the famous schools, I set up several teams and almost didnt get a scholarship. I had to go to the University of Cincinnati. As a result, I was not in good condition that year. Cincinnati didnt even enter the top 32, but I was in a hurry to run. In high school, I was in trouble and my university performance was not good enough. Finally, I fell to the 40th place in the next round. Or Jim OBrien (Walker Coach) finally took the lead and the walker asked me, otherwise, it would be possible to lose.

I can only start at the bottom. In the first year I played a total of 12 games for 115 minutes, and in the second year I averaged 10 minutes on the bench. But from the third year, I got the starting point guard position. In the fourth year, 20 double-doubles, 5 triple-doubles, the first in the east of the pedestrians, almost overheated. I also made a sensation in the league. This year, I was only 24 years old.

Then I rejected the 12 million-year long-term Pacers contract and chose to enter the free agent market. The Mavericks had planned to give me a 3-year top salary of 46 million --- but that was Parsonsnon-contract option, and Parsons finally took the top salary. I had to sign a 3-year top salary of 27 million with the wasps, and the third year was still insecure. Then in my first year here, I threw the penultimate three-point goal in my personal history and was handled to the Clippers after the season.

Thats what happened. I didnt deal with the whole carrier team at the beginning of the season. I lost my temper with Josh Smith and was dealt with by Grizzlies before half of the season. But after the season, the Grizzlies laid me off. Two years ago, the Grizzlies still had the option of top salary, and now they can only get the minimum allowance.

Thats how my wandering career began: in pelicans, for a month and a half; in forest wolves, for two 10 days.

Eventually, my old owner, the pedestrian, signed me back for three years, 12 million dollars. Oh, my God, the money was two years ago, the annual salary I was paid. Although there was a big drop, I went back to play with young people. I was the big brother in the dressing room. Thats what I wanted to do. As a result, the next year George left, and in order to save salary space, I was laid off by the team again.

I always fall down when Im about to climb to the top. So nobody knows what kind of team I can play and what kind of team I can bring when I am really the trump card in a team.

So when Liaoning Mens Basketball Team came to my door, my first reaction was: Can I be the core? Do fans like to watch me play? In my first month in China, I think the answers to these two questions are quite positive.

My name is Shi Jianguo. This is my story. After leaving the NBA, I love Chinese life more now.

Note: This article is based on objective facts, Stephensons first point of view to narrate the story, manuscript form needs, does not represent his personal point of view.

Source: Netease Sports Specialist Author: Shi Jianguos Responsible Editor: Ma Bile_NS4800