Ali programmer with an annual salary of 1.7 million was scolded for his marriage: this is the truth that he was scolded for his marriage.

 Ali programmer with an annual salary of 1.7 million was scolded for his marriage: this is the truth that he was scolded for his marriage.

Lets take a look at the details of the programmers marriage.

My attitude towards this marriage is: occasional discomfort, but overall it is a reliable marriage.


Lets first look at the qualifications of this man.

Born in 1986, he is about 33 years old. He is 170 years old and weighs 65KG. He is from northern Anhui Province.

2. Work in Ali, achieve P8, annual income of about 1.7 million;

3. There are houses and cars in Beijing. There are 2 million loans for houses. Vehicles are the third generation of Tesla MODEL.

First, he asked the southern urban families, many people are not satisfied with his proposed region, feel that he actually discriminated against the region?

I dont think so. To be honest, I didnt eat well most of the time.

When I got home, I had two bowls of rice and three bowls of soup. I swept all the dishes on the table and increased one kilogram of meat by the way.

They were startled: When did you have such a good appetite?

Therefore, regional differences are really fatal, dietary habits, customs and human feelings, etc., Ali programmers have requirements for the region, really can not be blamed.

For example, if I choose my own spouse, I will exclude foreigners and never say that I am discriminated against by region.

Its a pity that no one ever said anything about her.

Anyone who says it has a lot of reasons. For example, I went back to your home last year. My parents are not in good health. My parents want to see their children. My parents are too cold for the New Year.

Then these problems can be avoided by geographical proximity, and there is no discrimination or non-discrimination at all.

There are rich people in the poorest places and poor people in the richest places. Discrimination is not in the region, but in the heart.


She is required to be gentle and virtuous, knowledgeable, reasonable and knowledgeable about human feelings and worldly wisdom.

Maybe many women live a widowed life in their marriage. Men cant hold their oil bottles when they fall down, children cant take them with them, housework cant be done, and they lie dead and play with their mobile phones as soon as they get home.

This requirement is really normal. Would a man say that I want to find a wife who is brutal, arrogant and rude, and doesnt understand human affairs?

Gentleness does not mean cowardice, virtue does not mean nanny, but many women themselves do not understand the true meaning of gentleness and virtue.

Its like looking for a husband by ourselves. Is it not a requirement for maturity, stability, generosity, open-mindedness, gentleness and consideration?

Would we say I want to find a man who is moody, calculating, selfish and cold?


Many people are also angry about this, thinking that if you are 180, its reasonable to ask the woman 162, you only have 170, actually ask the woman 162?

It also requires a pleasant appearance and an online body. What is it?

Regardless of men and women, there is a little bit of face control, who would not like to face handsome men and beautiful women? Nobody wants to face a man with a face full of flesh and a waist like a bucket, right?

For example, my own growth is not good, nor does it affect my appreciation of the prosperous beauty of the Emperor of East China.

Some people put the requirement of facial value in their hearts, others say it, thats all.

Even if a person says that I only ask for virtuous housekeeping, height and appearance are not required, you put a beautiful woman and ugly woman with the same other conditions in front of him to try, to ensure that he will comply with the instinct of eating color.

Women are required to have at least 211 undergraduate courses with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan and no family burden, preferably an only child.

This is the one that has been criticized most.

Nowadays, women are more and more unwilling to marry a phoenix man. Who is the girl who is well-raised and willing to help the poor?

Lowering your quality of life, let alone a lot of messy relationships, can drive you crazy.

I remember that more than a decade ago, when people mentioned that they were right, they were despised by many people.

What time is it? Is it right to return home? This is the remnant of feudalism, love is across the stratum, only in this way is true love.

So, many girls rush to true love, a few years later, it is too late to regret, what true love is not true love, and then true love, also in real life has been ground to dust.

Therefore, in recent years, we have begun to advocate the right door to door. Only the right door to door, three views and living environment are similar, can we maximize the guarantee of the marriage Richies personnel as little as possible.

In fact, men are more realistic than women. Who wants to marry Fan Shengmei to return home and become a drag on himself?

Those girls who are in poor family and do not work hard, hoping to change their fate through marriage, will wake up. In the future, this possibility will be less and less. What we want is strong alliance, not poverty alleviation all the year round.

As for undergraduate course and monthly salary, I think its more understandable. In the past, I didnt pay attention to academic qualifications. I felt that I could do it if I had the ability. Why should I shut others out because of my academic qualifications?

But in recent years, all the friends around me have succeeded in starting their own businesses. Everyone has a company and needs more and more people. Many friends and I lament that:

Now I am a dog with academic background. I used to think that academic background is a piece of paper. Now when I look at my resume, I look at academic background first. It represents a probabilistic problem.

Higher education, there will be that kind of silly ability is poor, but from the average quality, basically very good;

Low education, there will be that kind of smart and capable, but it is rare, to gamble on this probability is really silly.

People with high academic qualifications basically study hard at the time of study. It may take talent to take an examination of Tsinghua University in Peking University, but take an ordinary undergraduate course and study hard.

So on the whole, whether its recruiting or looking for a partner, its better to have a little education. Of course, its also necessary to combine your own conditions.


Busy work, women need to take more care of the family, you can ask aunts.

When many people heard that they wanted women to take more care of their families, they immediately exploded and wanted to take advantage of women. Why should women take more care of their families?

If Ali programmer 1.7 million a year, his wife more than 100,000 a year, as long as they are not foolish, they will definitely choose the more profitable side to create more work value.

But if Ali programmers are 1.7 million a year and his wife is 17 million a year but busy, the pattern will be reversed.

This is the most controversial one: willing to take out 2 million yuan, and the woman to buy another house, after having children, willing to live for the womans parents, and hope to have two children.

Many people are upset that his house in Beijing now belongs to premarital property and has no share of it.

I dont understand. Why do you always think about other peoples premarital property? Because theres a loan? According to the law, if you participate in the repayment of the loan, you will enjoy the corresponding share.

There is also the feeling that the man buys another house for his wifes parents to live in, in order to let them take their children, this is the act of eating out of household.

Whats the alternative: buy another house, live with your parents-in-law and help with the children?

Many womens estimates jumped up immediately: I dont want to live with my mother-in-law!


If the husband and wife continue to work, the baby will be taken by the nanny? It is estimated that many people are not reassured that there are too many news about child abuse by nannies.

Then, there are two ways. One is that the woman resigns to take care of the child, but there are also problems:

Im out of touch with society and lose my income. Then you change your mind. I cant even get custody. Who am I going to cry to?

Theres another last resort: a man quits to take his baby with him.

At this time, women need to have enough income to support the expenditure of the family, which is difficult for most women.

So, no matter what kind of practice, there are pros and cons. How to do it depends on how the couple communicate and discuss.

In fact, it is in the best interests of women that womens parents take their children with them and have a baby sitter at home.

Back to this marriage proposal, there are actually two core issues:

One is that the programmer has the right conditions, but not the absolute advantage.

If he is an only child, 180 height, annual income over 10 million, excellent education, strong family background, I believe that many people on his marriage will feel that his requirements are very low.

This tells us:

You can ask others, but the resources you own determine how much you can ask them.

Secondly, for men and women who are over 30 years old and already in marriage, they will feel that the marriage is a very frank act.

But for many people who havent experienced marriage and are still dreaming, its really a big blow.

Because its reality and utility make it hard for many people to accept.

What is love?

Actually, the chemical reaction is based on the conditions of both sides. The hegemonic president fell in love with me, but wrote to dream for many little girls.


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