Revealing the Friends Circle and Showing the Rich Industry Chain: They are not self-driving tours, but self-driving tours

 Revealing the Friends Circle and Showing the Rich Industry Chain: They are not self-driving tours, but self-driving tours

Old classmates, who seldom bubbled in the circle of friends in the past, appeared either in Japan or in Turkey.

When I brushed into these circles of friends, I looked at the unfinished work, then looked away at the instant noodles I had just eaten, and I felt a little disappointed at the bottom of my heart.

But the disappointment did not last long.

Because I saw a hot search.

I admit, I cant help laughing.

The name of this hot search is 10 yuan can change the location of friends circle, at hometravelall over the world.

Famous tourist attractions all over the world can help you locate them accurately if you can name them.

And the price is only 10 yuan.

Of course, positioning is just one of many projects.

Want to see Mount Fuji in Japan? Want to get some sun in Maldives? Want to see the Statue of Liberty in New York?

Its all here.

In fact, as early as before the hot search, social network flaunting wealth has become a mature industrial chain.

For example, sun orders.

I want to show off my wealth, but I dont want to be too high-profile. What should I do?

The best way is to buy luxury cars and houses in the sun.

Just send your personal data, and in no time, you can get the house purchase contract and car purchase contract you want.

The contract also has the stamp of the developer and the 4S shop of the automobile, the fidelity is nearly 100%.

Lao Liang has done a program to uncover the micro-business fraud.

In order to create the illusion that they can make a lot of money, some bad microbusinessmen will use order generator to make false orders and false running water.

8888 transfer may be false.

So I opened a treasure and searched for Order Generator. When I looked at it, I found that stores offering similar services could almost form ten streets.

There are eight big words in the shop introduction: professional pretension, wait for you.

Flight tickets from Guangzhou to London can be counterfeited.

Luxury goods orders can also be counterfeited.

Luxury car and luxury house, Hermes Chanel, all the tall and superior products we all know, he can provide you with the purchase order service.

The price is only 9.9 RMB.

9.9 Not only can you buy a luxury house in the circle of friends, but also open a Ferrari in the circle of friends and go shopping with second-tier female models.

Or start with a treasure.

This is a bit more complicated, unlike making orders, a search of keywords, a treasure is everywhere.

First enter words like Friends Circle Luxury Car and then jump out of some shops with luxury cars as cover.

On the face of it, it seems that you sell material photos, but if you consult further, you will find a lot of interesting things.

I just said Hello and the store understood it and sent me a link to the website.

Five yuan for the original video and eight yuan for your voice.

After clicking on the website, all kinds of luxury cars and luxury houses come to us.

And Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and a video of overrunning while being intimate with beautiful women.

Luxury cars are just one of the skills to show off wealth.

On the main page, click on the word luxury house and you will jump out of those luxury pictures that ordinary people can only see in idol dramas.

For example, tall music restaurant.

For example, play happily in a big villa.

Take a break in a seven-star hotel, for example.

But after clicking on the word star, I realized that those videos were nothing at all.

Want to say hello to the big stars?

Come on, its all done for you.

Drink with Feng Xiaogang.

Eat with Ma Yun.

And Wu Zun, Wang Sicong, Sun Honglei, etc.

And you know, the seller not only sends you videos, but also adds your voice.

In short, this dress is really seamless!

In addition, the website also has tourism services.

Provide positioning.

Provide voice to join customers.

There are hundreds of options: are you flying by helicopter or by luxury cruise?

By the way, dont think its a wonderful service for this shop.

I asked a few shopkeeper customer service casually, basically one accurate question.

You can add voice.

Yes, you can choose videos with Wechat.

When you click on it, you will find that the routine is still that routine, but the content provided is different.

Seven-star Hotel upgraded to NINE-STAR hotel.

Upgraded from drinking with Feng Xiaogang to taking pictures with Barack Obama.

Such a high-powered display service generally requires only a few buckets of instant noodles.

Speaking of this, another question arises: Who will show off wealth on social networks?

Your first reaction must be micro-quotient.

Indeed, the display of wealth in the circle of friends has almost become one of the necessary activities of micro-businessmen.

This also reminds us that we should not be credulous about the transfer screenshots, order screenshots and rich video of our friends circle in the future.

The order may be false.

Sunning millions of cash may also be bought for 8 yuan.

And do you think the quality of a commodity of a businessman who likes to cheat is reliable?

Qians readers are very clever, some words are not clear, presumably also understand.

Apart from that, the rest of the wealthy show-offs are purely vanity.

I have to admit that there are such a group of people in real life.

Brush credit cards for face.

Apply for bare loans for bags and cosmetics.

He must rent a luxury car when he returns home during the Spring Festival, even if the rent is too heavy for his wallet to bear.

So, for them, spending ten yuan and eight yuan to buy some vanity in the circle of friends has become the most cost-effective way.

In this regard, I can only say: vanity can destroy people.

For vanity will devour your will.

It immerses you in fantasy and unrealistic compliments, and then gradually deprives you of the ability to create happiness in reality.

The best way to weaken vanity is to return to reality and the present.

The first step, out of the virtual and fantasy.

Less sense of existence in the circle of friends.

Dont stare at other peoples Mercedes-Benz BMW and Gucci LV.

Then, focus your time and energy on the people and things around you.

You can read a few pages of books.

You can also call your family.

Not really. Next time you want to show off your wealth, you can buy two buckets of instant noodles with this 8 yuan.

Although the former is junk food, it will do one-time harm to the body.

The latter is like taking spiritual opium. Once, twice, three times, the wallet will be emptied, the will will will be depressed, and the head will begin to hallucinate: Ah! I feel like Im going to be rich.u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7u00b7

Of course, hallucinations can only be hallucinations.

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