Know or not Shulans marriage, should let women understand: marriage is important to people, another point is more important.

 Know or not Shulans marriage, should let women understand: marriage is important to people, another point is more important.

First of all, its the man she married, Sun Xiucai, who was a good talent at the age of 12, and then it looks like shes never been able to do anything until shes middle-aged.

Family conditions are not good, their own conditions are not good, the character is not good, but also self-righteous, to the right wife, all kinds of bullying.

She shared a room with Shulan only a few times a year, but blamed her for not being pregnant, so she spent a lot of time outside, and the concubines filled the house and married more than a dozen or twenty.

It seems that all the money spent is a dowry brought by Shulan, and even the servant in the family was taken by the right wife.

Apparently we should be grateful to this right wife, but we dont think so. As Ming Lan said, we have to eat hard and soft food to make Shu Lan unable to live in that home.

In fact, there is a mother-in-law who is also silent. She always praises her sons success at the age of 12. The key is that she has been a talent for so many years and has not made any new progress.

Ming Mings family relies on her daughter-in-law, but she also has to be dignified and obedient to her mother and son.

These performances naturally make people angry. It is right to say that the wrong person is the wrong person to marry. But one of the more crucial reasons is that Shulan herself has problems.

Although in the old times, if smart and tough, at least not so much bullying.

At first, they were too talkative, too weak and too dependent on the mother and son for fear that they would be unhappy. At the same time, they blamed themselves too much for not having children.

It can be said that from the very beginning, the gifted mother and son let Shulan get used to it. Of course, the responsibility of her mothers family is that they are used to it together.

This pair of bad naughty scoundrels mother and son make a scene at the door. Shulan and her family send money to the shop to appease them. Of course, the starting point is good. I hope that her daughter can have a good life and that her mother-in-law will take a high look at her.

But the more so, the more inspired they are, the more they want something, the more they make a scene.

Its not like a child. He just cries and gives candy to eat. He naturally wants to make a lot of noise. Its no use knowing that its futile to make a noise before it stops.

So even if you want to settle things down, you should pay attention to ways. Otherwise, you will not achieve your goal, but make things more complicated and more troublesome.

This makes the mother and son more and more excessive. They have children outside and take them home directly. They dont put the front room in their eyes. They are dissatisfied with the front room and want to divorce their wives.

In the old times, women were afraid of being laid off, so they would probably never be able to marry again if they had been laid off, and their sisters would not be able to marry at home. Thats why they were so afraid, and they would be so afraid that they would bend their hearts to all generals.

But after all, there are still other ways, such as leaving. Since we understand that there are other ways, why should we be so weak and let others hold it?

If a person is not tough, he has no principles and is weak, cowardly and talkative, he will mostly be exploited and bullied by those with bad character.

Because you gave him the opportunity and the hint of bullying you. If you tolerate, compromise, compromise, and strive for perfection everywhere, they will make every inch of progress and increase the cost.

Conversely, knowing that you cant take advantage of it, that you are not easy to mess with, that you have principles, that if you touch him, you will lose, and you will have to bear the consequences, and he dares not go too far.

So, although Shulans marriage was at first wrong in choosing the wrong family, she was responsible for the bad situation she had married in the past.

Because she forgot the most important point: that she should know how to deal with the relationship between husband and wife, mother-in-law relationship.

If you dont know how to manage, how to handle things, how to use your brain, how to be weak and timid, it will become a common thing to be bullied when you suffer losses.

Just as the Shulan family finally decided to leave with the Sun family, it would be impossible to solve the problem without using some methods and thinking.

Fortunately, Ming Lans brain turned fast, and took a soft rib evidence to the Sun family, so that the situation was reversed. Although half of the dowry was lost to the Sun family, at least it went smoothly and left.

Maybe its a little embarrassing to say that, because some people are born with insufficient brains, do not think comprehensively, and do not have much common sense and knowledge, so they are good at fooling around.

If thats the case, its not enough IQ, theres no way. If my IQ is online, my mind is not.

Or think too much, care about some useless things, so as to let oneself suffer, that is also sorry for oneself.

For example, some women who are apparently bullied by their mother-in-law and neglected by their husbands still refuse to divorce.

Mind is only face, or fear of being separated from their own can not find a better, fear of worse life, fear of being laughed at, that is really self-inflicted.

At such a time, that is, the so-called character determines fate, those who say their lives are bitter, but continue to refuse to go ashore in the quagmire, others can not save.

Therefore, to be a woman, we should have some principles and courage, be brave and resolute, be simple and sharp, and have our own bottom line and dignity.

Once you find yourself choosing the wrong person, you should find a way to stop the loss in time, instead of indulging in the other partys flames for a while, so that you can continue to suffer and suffer.