Fact Record | The cousin who delivered it to the door caused a catastrophe.

 Fact Record | The cousin who delivered it to the door caused a catastrophe.

Lao Hus management of several chemical plants, assets of hundreds of millions of people spray out, black and white without him.

So why cant you find your cousin?

Lao Hus fat wife is very powerful. Hu sees his wife like a mouse sees a cat. He is a little shuddered. Because Hu was rich by his father-in-law, he was still a poor man when he married his wife.

My father-in-law saw him as a talented man, smart and capable, and decided to marry his daughter to him. Married with her daughter, there is also a chemical factory with tens of millions of assets.

Hus wife is not beautiful, but she can take it out. Its the temper, the fire, the thunder and lightning. Not only is Hu afraid, but people around him are not afraid.

Dont mention that Hu actually once had a cousin.

A few years ago, a saleswoman was recruited in the company. Lao Hu liked it very much. He always took her out as a cousin.

The salesman was young and beautiful. He could come and coax Hu into confusion. He gave her a lot of money.

Just when Lao Hu thought he was going to succeed, the salesman suddenly disappeared. Laohu vowed hatefully that he would find her.

Before waiting to find out, he came home and saw his wifes eyes. He immediately pulled out the cold in his heart.

Lao Hu understood that the salesman was missing, but his wife was responsible for it.

That time, Lao Hu almost came from a pure family, and never dared to move his mind again.

However, in recent years, as his father-in-law retired to the second line, Lao Hu managed the company comprehensively. His wifes temper seemed to be much smaller. From time to time, Lao Hu began to move his mind.


While Hu was trying to find a cousin, something happened to the factory.

That evening, he called together the directors of several chemical plants in the group. One was to celebrate, the other was to arrange the next step.

After the meeting, Director Li took Laohu aside and whispered, Hu, I have a cousin. I just graduated from college and havent found a job yet. You see if you can help arrange it.

The old bullshit said, Tomorrow you will bring her in. Let me have a look.

The next day, Director Li took his cousin Xiaolin to Laohus office.

Old Hu raised his eyes and took aim. Xiao Lin was very beautiful. The skin is fair, long hair flutters, beautiful eyes look forward to Shenghui, smart and spiritual.

Old fantasy: Its a happy thing to have such a beautiful cousin accompanied; even if she doesnt work and get money for nothing, its okay.

So Hu clapped his chest and said, Dont worry, Director Li, your cousin is my cousin. The work is on me!

Director Li said, Mr. Hu, Im most relieved to hand over my cousin to you. Everyone knows youre a model husband. Theres No gossip outside.

Old Hulian nodded and said, Rest assured, I will not treat her badly.

That night, Lao Hu did not sleep well all night. Xiao Lins appearance has been lingering in his mind. He began to wave with imagination.

The next day, Hu finished what he was doing and immediately sent Xiao Lin a message. Its about inviting her to dinner and talking about arranging work.

After sending the message, Lao Hu began to get restless. Im afraid Xiao Lin wont come, and Im afraid that Director Li will be dissatisfied when he knows hes making a private appointment with Xiao Lin.

Lao Hu feels like a century has passed.

The mobile phone shook slightly. Old Hu glanced at it and jumped up from his chair with joy.

Xiao Lin replied, Yes!


Old Hu was in a trance when he ate that meal. Xiao Lins white teeth and red lips, bright eyes and good gaze, make the old Hu itchy and impatient, unable to stop.

Lao Hu promised Xiao Lin to be his assistant, but he did not arrange specific work. Xiao Lin comes and goes whenever he wants, and Lao Hu pays her as usual.

Later, Hu often asked Xiaolin to go out for dinner, tea and movies. Xiao Lin is a visitor and agrees every time.

Old Hu was delighted in his heart. He said that the girl was young and could not resist the temptation of a few good words and money.

Of course, on public occasions, Xiao Lin participated as an assistant to Lao Hu. If it was a private party, Hu said Xiao Lin was his cousin.

One day, Xiao Lin took the initiative to ask Lao Hu to visit Guangming Lake.

Old nonsense said, Hey, dont go. Its not fun there. Let me take you somewhere else!

Old Hu, however, had to drive Xiaolin to Guangming Lake.

They parked their car in the courtyard of the Lake District Management Office, and Lao Hu led Xiao Lin to the lake.

Xiao Lin pulled his hand imperceptibly, hesitated and said nothing.

The lake was so muddy that there was a white foam floating on the water.

Xiao Lin frowned and asked, Whats this smell?

Lao Hu felt a little embarrassed and said, To tell you the truth, this is from our chemical plant.

Xiao Lin said, Arent all your sewage treated? Why is it so tasty?

Lao Hu accompanied Xiao Lin around the lake at random. There were several places where their factories stole sewage drainage channels, which could not be seen in peacetime. Only when it rained did they work.

Old Hu took Xiao Lin to see if the underpass was blocked. Xiao Lin put his snow-white hand over his nose and said softly, Lets go. Its too delicious. I dont want to stay here any longer.

Old nonsense said, Okay, Ill take you to the farmhouse for dinner.

After more than a month of association with Xiao Lin, Lao Hu has never been able to handle it.

One day, Xiao Lin offered to visit his factory. Lao Hu was very happy. I thought that when I arrived at my site, I couldnt help you. Ill see how I can get you to be obedient.

Although his heart had already been happy to blossom, Lao Hu was plain on the surface and said, What do you want to see there? You cant stand the pungent smell in the factory!

Xiao Lin said, I work in your company. You have to let me know about your factory. You cant let me stop working and get my money for nothing, can you?

Old fancy: This little girl, as if she could really work with me; I promise, she wont stay for a minute.

Can not stand Xiao Lin Jiao voice whine to beg, Lao Hu took her to his chemical plant.

Laohus chemical plant is not far from the city. Before getting off the bus, Xiao Lin almost vomited because of the pungent smell.

Xiao Lin smelled the same smell as that of Guangming Lake, indicating that it was the same object.

Xiao Lin asked, Whats this smell?

Lao Hu said thoughtlessly, This is the case in chemical plants. It smells terrible. I told you, you cant stand it. Shall we go back?

Xiao Lin said, Come on, lets go in and have a look. Ive never been to a chemical plant before!

Old fantasy, this girl is still quite stubborn.

The gates of factories are closed, there are several guards, and the barriers are as strong as those of military sites.

Lao Hu and Xiao Lin entered the factory through a small gate. The darkness in the factory area is terrible.

Xiao Lin leaned close to Lao Hu and said timidly, Are you producing? Why is the factory so dark?

Hu mysteriously said, The windows of the factory buildings are covered with thick quilts. Hasnt there been a lot of complaints lately? When we say we pollute the environment, we tell the EPA that we are shutting down production and rectifying it.

Xiao Lin said, In other words, you have not stopped work?

Old nonsense said, What kind of work to stop? Do you know how much less I earn if I shut down production for one day?

Old Hu took Xiaolin into the office area, which was brightly lit.

Kobayashi found a very new machine, buzzing, and seemed to be working. Just ask what this is for?

Old Hu laughed and said, This is a new machine I bought. It can monitor the sewage discharge in the factory, and the data is transmitted in real time.

Xiao Lin said, OK, Hu Zong. Real-time transmission of data, you are not afraid of pollution beyond the standard is monitored?

Lao Hu said proudly, You dont understand that, do you? My machine is specially designed, and the monitoring data are normal. It has nothing to do with the fact that the pollution in the factory does not exceed the standard. This is to cope with the inspection by the environmental protection department. Because of this machine, although many villagers accused me of pollution, but the environmental protection department is unable to grasp my handle.


Xiao Lin worshipped on his face: Mr. Hu, I really admire you. No wonder you can do such a big deal!

Old Hu heard Xiao Lin praising him, and his little eyes were narrowed into a crack.

Xiao Lin said, You are a god of this machine. Take a picture of me.

Hu Xingchong let Xiaolin take a few photos and told her that she must not say this to outsiders.

Xiao Lin said affectionately, Thats nature!

Xiao Lins phone rang suddenly. It was her father who called and told Xiao Lin to go back immediately and say that there was something important to deal with at home.

A few days later, Lao Hu was sitting in the company drinking tea and thinking about how Xiao Lin could break through if he was separated from him, which made him itchy and impatient. Two uniformed policemen came to the company and took Hu away.

Originally, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau received a report from the masses that Laohus chemical plant had illegally polluted Guangming Lake. However, the EPA sent several people and found no evidence.

Xiao Lin, who had just graduated from university, volunteered to investigate.

Taking advantage of the special status of Mr. Lis cousin, she told her cousin that she could not find a job after graduation. Could she arrange him to approach Mr. Hu and find a position in his big company?

Then she went to Guangming Lake with Laohu on the pretext of visiting the lake, carrying out on-the-spot investigation, and successfully entered the chemical plant, and obtained important evidence.

Hu slumped into a chair. He knew that waiting for him would be a severe punishment of the law.

Old Hu laments: Its all the trouble of looking for cousins!

Xiao Lin, a girl with wit and courage, was decisive and bold. She later helped the environmental protection and public security departments to solve several cases.

Unfortunately, she was later maliciously retaliated. The EPA changed her job privately to protect her. But she still uses her spare time to help the masses safeguard their rights and be enthusiastic about environmental protection.


Author: Zheng Yufei, pen name: well-off soul, Party school teacher. I like yoga, hiking, reading, writing and traveling. The back garden of the first bathe (ID: muaihhy).

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