Li Xincaos mother just wants to be fair.

 Li Xincaos mother just wants to be fair.

Li Xincaos mother is very rational.

Others might have collapsed long ago.

She was a single mother, who brought up her daughter from nine months, and was suddenly told at the age of 19 that she had committed suicide by drunkenness.

Then, the police threw the relics to them and asked them to sign and claim them, as if they had no further information.

The body was found by her relatives and volunteers from the Blue Sky Rescue Team for a whole day.

The surveillance videos, which they applied to watch themselves, were abnormal.

The video of Li Xincao being beaten and abused is like this. You can have a look at it.

Your browser is temporarily unable to play this video.

At the beginning of the video, Li Xincao was obscene on the chair of the bar. At the end of the video, Li Xincao was slapped by three people on the chair.

According to the Pear Video Photographers live report, the place where Li Xincao fell into the water was 10 meters away from the bar.

See here, the average mother should have exploded it.

However, when she questioned the local police, the local police said, We watch the surveillance video jumping to see, missed. Then the police called in two of the four children who had been identified as suicide together, one of whom had a scratched wound:

Are you surprised?

Later, Li Xincaos mother contacted the taxi driver at the door and the grandfather at the door, got the information of the ID card, and learned that the two men still stopped the taxi.

Of course, these evidences can not prove that the three men were prisoners, nor can they determine whether Li Xincao committed suicide or killed him.

However, it can be completely proved that there is hidden information in Li Xincaos suicide case, and the police should file a case and investigate it with all their efforts in line with the principle of the murder case must be solved.

However, even when Mother Li had found out about it, the reply was still the same:

The two sides kick each other.

Its been a month since the incident.

Really, I think the whole thing looks like Mother Li has been very restrained and rational.

The slow misjudgment of the local police forced the mother to be a detective.

In the pain of losing her daughter, she can rationally find clues and follow the lead to collect video evidence of human evidence and physical evidence.

Up to now, she has not sent the suspects information to the Internet privately. She has not called on the flesh of netizens who are hated by her to the bone. She still believes in the law and the police will give her a justice in the end.

Yesterday, she did not forget to thank the media and passers-by who helped her.

u2014u2014 Its awesome.

But can Mama Li, who is so bullish, so restrained and so rational, finally get a truth and a justice?

I believe so, and I hope so.

But will there be more victims in the country, not so smart and rational mother, not so many Internet users on the Internet to help, so ultimately its gone?

Like the last horrible news about the burial in the playground, family members know who the murderer was and why, but they have been unable to bring the murderer to justice for 16 years.

(In reply to Playground, you can see the article.)

There must be.

I hope they can finally get the truth and get their own justice.

I hope justice does not come too late.

Because the justice of being late is no longer justice.