Exclusive: the first export of zhi11e helicopter

 Exclusive: the first export of zhi11e helicopter

On October 10, at the 5th Tianjin International Helicopter Expo, China Aviation Technology Import and Export Co., Ltd. (CATIC) signed two direct-11E helicopter purchase and sale contracts with Aviation Industry Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (CATIC). This marks the first time that Zhi-11E has realized military trade export, and also the first time that the helicopter products of Changfei Aircraft Industry have entered the African market.

The Zhi-11E, also known as the Zhi-11WB foreign trade model, is a 2-ton export type armed helicopter with advanced international level, which is developed by the aviation industry on the basis of AC311A helicopter and the development experience of the Zhi-11WA armed helicopter through the installation of weapon systems and the improvement of the fuselage structure and Avionics system. On September 28, 2015, the first flight was successful in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. On November 1, 2016, it made its first public appearance at the 11th China International Aerospace Exposition. On September 14, 2017, the 4th Tianjin International Helicopter Exposition of China made another public appearance and conducted a flight performance.

Zhi-11E is a 2-ton light helicopter with international advanced level.

Zhi-11E further optimizes and improves the aerodynamic layout, replaces the domestic high-power advanced engine, and greatly improves the flight performance, maneuverability and control quality. The highly integrated integrated integrated integrated avionics system simplifies the complexity, simplifies the driving control, and makes the maintenance more simple and economical.

Zhi-11E adopts full digital design and manufacturing technology, and its characteristics of plateau, reliability and maintainability are more prominent. By synthesizing helicopter+airborne UAV+reconnaissance attack network equipment+ground station, it achieves high mission efficiency, high survivability and high affordability. It is conducive to multi-configuration configuration of fleet and customization of multi-task system. It is a sharp weapon of attack reconnaissance operation of information fusion, network-centric warfare, air-ground integrated warfare.

The Zhi-11E test-fired anti-tank missile.

The Zhi-11E weighs 2.2 tons and can take up to six people on board. It is equipped with machine guns, rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles and other weapons and equipment. It can meet military/paramilitary purposes. It can carry out various tasks such as ground support/attack, battlefield reconnaissance/command, anti-terrorism, armed anti-narcotics/smuggling and so on.

As a platform of light reconnaissance attack helicopter, Zhi-11E can be refitted to weapon fire control system according to users requirements. It can be equipped with six-barrel machine guns, door howitzer, additional SAR radar system, acoustooptic detection sensor, and information relay air network equipment to realize network and information warfare.

The Zhi-11E can be used as either a six-seat transport helicopter or a coach helicopter in Non-war situations.

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