Ancient Tianle Xuanxuans Crime Scene Shenzhen Road Performance Revenge to Sugar

 Ancient Tianle Xuanxuans Crime Scene Shenzhen Road Performance Revenge to Sugar

On the day of Shenzhen Road Show, the main creators with identity cards introduced their roles in the film respectively. Gu Tianle interprets the bandit Wang Xinyuan with righteousness and evil, From the perspective of a villain role, this is a rare crime and banditry film in Hong Kong in the past, so this film and the role are very interesting.

As a film full of recollection killing, Scene of Crime is the first cooperation between Gu Tianle and Xuan Xuan Xuan in the TV series Searching for the Qin Dynasty 18 years later. It is also the first cooperation between them on the big screen. When talking about the complicated and confusing emotional lines between Wang Xinyuan and JOY (Xuan Xuan) in the film, Gu Tianle uses the term two different worlds collide, which makes the direction of this relationship covered with a mysterious veil.

When it comes to co-operation in time and again after many years, Gu Tianle believes that the film Crime Scene provides such an opportunity. The co-operation with Xuan Xuan makes me feel the same as I did 18 years ago.

Among the trailers previously exposed, Xuan Xuan was beaten by Gutianle, which made many netizens distressed. Director Feng Zhiqiang proposed that Xuan Xuan and Gu Tianle exchange roles to recreate the romantic crime scene in the corridor, but Xuan Xuan finally chose to forgive, saying that his revenge was to keep talking to Gu Zi when he did not want to talk, so that the audience shouted sugar.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Ma Wenjing_NBJS9027