Putin: If Syria no longer needs help, Russia should withdraw.

 Putin: If Syria no longer needs help, Russia should withdraw.

On October 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syrias territorial integrity must be fully restored, that all foreign troops should withdraw, and that Russia would withdraw if Syria decided to stop needing Moscows help.

According to todays Russian (RT) 12 reports, Putin in an interview with the media said that all illegally deployed troops in any sovereign country must be withdrawn.

Thats true for everyone. If the future legitimate Syrian government chooses to say that they no longer need Russias military presence, the same is true for Russia.

Putin pointed out that Moscows position on a solution to the Syrian problem remained unchanged and had conveyed that position to its partners Iran, Turkey and the United States. Syria must get rid of the military presence of other countries. Syrias territorial integrity must be fully restored.

On October 6, President Trump announced his withdrawal from the northeastern border of Syria, calling it time to end the absurd and endless war. On October 9, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he would launch a military operation to the north of Syria, code named fountain of peace.

According to U.S. Today and Reuters, the United Nations estimates that as of November 11, about 100,000 people had been displaced by Turkeys military operations against Syrian Kurdish forces, and the only public hospital in northeastern Syria had been closed.

Source: surging news editor: Li Zaixing