Annual Meeting Sentinel of Frontier Defense Forces in Yunnan and Guangxi Sections of the Sino-Vietnamese Border

 Annual Meeting Sentinel of Frontier Defense Forces in Yunnan and Guangxi Sections of the Sino-Vietnamese Border

Organize basketball friendship match. Song Bang photo

Nanning, China-Singapore Network, Oct. 12 (Guo Binsheng, Song Bangwen) In order to strengthen border control, timely and accurate grasp of border dynamics, strengthen the control of the joint departments of various administrative departments, and enhance the exchange of border information between friendly and neighboring units, on Oct. 11, according to the Border Defense Regulations, the two border brigades stationed at the border between China and Vietnam, Guangxi and Yunnan, organized annual meeting and sentry activities.

On the morning of the same day, representatives of officers and soldiers of the two border brigades, with patrol equipment and equipment, led by the leaders of the border brigades, went to the 499 boundary marker of the Sino-Vietnamese border for a meeting post. At the junction of the Guangxi and Yunnan sections of the Sino-Vietnamese border, the travel leaders of the two border brigades introduced the direction of the border line, patrol routes, social and civilian conditions, face-to-face situation, and duty methods of their respective defense zones respectively, and held a signing and handing-over ceremony of Handing over Information of Meeting Sentinels on the spot. The two sides shared the experience and achievements of their respective border control work, and the representatives of officers and soldiers of both sides were still in the south. Basketball Friendship Competition was held in the 29th Company of a Frontier Brigade of the Army in the theatre.

The two sides of the sentry discussed exchanges. Song Bang photo

It is understood that the border between Guangxi and Yunnan is located on the edge of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with steep hillsides and dense forests. The border guard battalions undertaking this section are far away from brigades, and the patrol duty is heavy and difficult. For a long time, in order to strengthen border control, there has been a tacit understanding of information exchange, resource sharing and work mutual assistance between the two branches of border control forces at the junction of the control sections. Now this tacit understanding has been further institutionalized and standardized, forming an interconnection and cooperation border control mechanism led by the meeting posts, which effectively improves the border control and patrol work of border control officers and soldiers. For profit.

Qin Weimeng, a staff officer of a border brigade who participated in the annual meeting post, said: The two regular meeting posts can strengthen communication and cooperation, improve the ability of the troops to manage the border, learn from each others strengths and complement each others weaknesses, share experience and achievements to a greater extent, and effectively promote the overall construction of the border forces.

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