Thirty-six-year-old executives who steal other peoples shoes and make half a million dollars a year steal shoes crazily

 Thirty-six-year-old executives who steal other peoples shoes and make half a million dollars a year steal shoes crazily

AJ1, Yeezy, MAX90, Air Force One, for fans, footwear fans, to see here, enough to scream.

Xie Mou, a senior executive of a small network company in Hangzhou, likes collecting Limited Edition sneakers. The aforementioned sneakers are his latest favorites. Every time he wears them, he wipes them clean and wraps them in plastic wrap. Someone comes to show off them. However, these shoes are hard-won and have a wrong way of coming. Xie Mou also because these shoes are suspected of theft, the case has been to the Hangzhou Gongshu District Procuratorate.

Executives love shoes

AJ1 he has been unable to ask for

Xie Mou, 36, is an unmarried partner of a network company in Hangzhou. His annual income is not less than 3.5 million yuan.

He loves shoes. In recent years, sneaker culture has become popular all over the world, and several series of large-brand sneakers are especially sought after. For example, todays AJ (Air Jordan), which is named by Nikes most famous NBA star Michael Jordan, is based on Jordans appeal, along with AJs constant co-signature, limited edition, and different color matches and duplicate editions launched every year, especially for fans.

Xiao Xie has this hobby in all aspects of life. However, AJ1 has always been sought but not obtained.

One day in March this year, Xie Mou went to a friends house in a district of Gongshu District to play. He happened to find a pair of out-of-print black and red AJ1 basketball shoes on the door of his friends and neighbors house. The price of this pair of shoes is 2700-4000 yuan, but the problem is not the high price, but the price is not available. He has been in love for a long time but has not been bought.

After returning home, the shadow of these shoes still lingers in Xiao Xies mind. After some ideological struggle, reason still failed to suppress his inner foolishness.

Late that night, Xie Mou put on a mask, changed into black clothes and pants, carried a black bag, and sneaked back to the neighborhood where his friends lived, tiptoed to the door of the family, carefully picked up the baby shoes, quickly stuffed into his black bag and left.

In the middle of the night

Stolen six pairs of limited edition shoes

After returning home, Xie Mou couldnt hold back the joy in his heart and took out the shoes which he could not easily get. What surprised him more was that the shoes were just his own size. Xie Mou cleaned the shoes and went out wearing them in a few days.

Since mastering this treasure hunting technique, Xie sometimes disguises in the middle of the night and goes to some upscale neighborhoods to search for his precious shoes. In this way, Xie Mou did get a lot of out-of-print shoes. Xie Mou cherishes these shoes very much. After washing and cleaning, he wraps them in plastic wrap and displays them at home. Whenever a friend comes, Xie always shows off his collection to his friends.

In August this year, there were several reports of the owner. The police quickly found Xie Mou and found out from his home two pairs of GUCCI sneakers, a pair of white coconuts from Adidas, a pair of Nike Air Force No. 1, a pair of blue MAX90 from Nike, a pair of out-of-print black and red AJ1 basketball shoes, all of which were limited editions.

Difficult to determine the case value

Finally, the purchase amount shall prevail.

Xie Mous suspected theft is clear, but how to determine the value of the case. Police and prosecutors were beginning to be a little confused.

These limited edition sneakers are priceless, and some buyers have spent several times the high selling price to collect them. If the thieves dont come up, will the owner say that I bought 4,000 yuan, but now the market price is 40,000 yuan, or you still compensate me for 4,000 yuan?

Finally, when the public security transferred the case, it was based on many times. Since, Xie Mou many times reach out, even if the case value is not clear, it is enough to be suspected of theft. Fortunately, these stolen goods Xie Mou are well preserved, there is no situation that has not yet come out.

The police and the procuratorate have finally decided that the value of these shoes is based on the amount shown in the invoice when the owner purchases them.

So, if you cant provide the invoice, and the shoes are worn, do you want to calculate the wear and tear?

The prosecutor went to know about it, and there are few third-party price appraisal agencies on the market that can do price appraisal for these limited edition sneakers. This loss can only be determined through case discussion and consultation.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News