Michelins closure of a factory involved more than 700 employees who angrily denounced betrayal

 Michelins closure of a factory involved more than 700 employees who angrily denounced betrayal

Michelin tyres are reported to be facing competition from Asian low-cost tyre manufacturers, and two weeks ago it announced the closure of a factory in southern Germany, where 858 workers are facing unemployment. However, Michelin wants to deal as perfectly as possible with the placement of employees after the closure of French factories, and issued a statement saying that it will introduce a series of measures, including early retirement measures or ensuring smooth internal and external transfer of employees. Reported that the closure of the plant will also affect a total of 90 jobs around.

Michelin said employees affected had the opportunity to find jobs in France. The plant has been manufacturing heavy truck tyres since 1971, and Michelin will revamp the base to revitalize it.

According to Agence France-Presse, the head of Michelin announced the closure resolution at the factory. At that time, the employees were very angry and had a dispute with the head. Sabrina, who worked here in 2008, said that they obeyed orders, such as constantly adjusting their working hours, but eventually got the result that they were dismissed and felt very unwilling.

However, Michelin has always stressed that the company will help employees to ensure that everyone can find high-quality jobs within the company or in other areas. In Michelins view, Wangdai Province is an economically active region.

Florent Menegaux, president of Michelin, told local media that the company had been trying to keep the plant for years, but the external competition was too strong to succeed. He said: The factory is very small, we have made a lot of investment to make the factory bigger, but from the input-output ratio, there is no significant change.

Reported that Michelin said the poor economic environment led to the closure of factories, but the unions did not buy it, that the benefits become worse, but employees should not shoulder all the responsibility. The unions called for an indefinite strike and asked the French Minister of Economy to meet them urgently. They sacrifice their jobs just to earn short-term financial returns, said a trade union representative. In recent years, many efforts have been made on the part of employees, but they feel betrayed when they are so abandoned by management.

At the end of 2018, Michelin employed 110,000 employees worldwide, including 20,000 in France, who worked in 15 factories.