After the festival, the most active stocks came out. The performance of these stocks doubled.

 After the festival, the most active stocks came out. The performance of these stocks doubled.

According to the statistics of the Securities Times, the turnover rate of 15 stocks was over 100% this week; 50 stocks were between 50% and 100% and 722 stocks were between 10% and 50%. In terms of sub-industry, the turnover rate of more than 50% this week, the largest number of mechanical equipment industry shares, 12 stocks on the list; chemical industry, computer and other closely followed, 11 stocks, 6 stocks on the list, respectively.

Les Ge shares, with a turnover rate of 195.55% in a week and a 15.85% drop in its share price, have made three landings on the Dragon Tiger List, including a 20% drop in the value of deviation in three consecutive trading days, with a net sales of 690.211 million yuan in the top business departments. In terms of capital flows, the stocks main capital inflows this week totaled $442 million.

The turnover rate of Yongguan New Material this week was 173.76%, ranking third in the list, and its stock price rose 9.93% in a week. The turnover rate of Yongguan New Material this week was 20% and its daily amplitude was 15%. It landed on the Dragon Tiger List three times. Among the top business departments, the business department sold 22.329 million yuan in total. The main capital outflow of the stock this week was 192 million yuan.

In terms of market performance, the average weekly turnover rate of more than 50% stocks rose by 3.24% this week. In terms of stocks, 41 stocks rose this week, leading by Baoding Science and Technology, Celebrity Health and Longke Science and Technology, up 39.11%, 30.70% and 30.56%, while 24 stocks fell by 26.36%, 19.24% and 15.85% in Sansheng Education, Yitong Science and Technology and Lege.

17 stocks with high turnover rate report

In the earnings season, the markets attention to performance has increased substantially. Statistics show that seven companies have published three-quarter reports. Unlike the tradition of beautiful women marry first, four of the first three-quarter companies reported their first three-quarter growth, and three of them declined.

In terms of market performance, the growth rate and turnover rate of performance growth stocks this week are much better than performance decline stocks. At the same time, a number of shareholders with large performance also performed beautifully this week, such as Tianshun Share, Xinghui Precision and so on. How about the performance of active stocks without decreasing the market enthusiasm for performance?

Among the stocks with turnover rate exceeding 50% this week, there are 20 stocks announcing the third quarter performance forecast. According to the type of performance forecast, there are 16 stocks in advance, 1 stock in advance, 17 stocks in total, and 1 and 2 stocks in decline and loss respectively.

In terms of median net profit growth, the highest net profit growth rate is remote information. The company is expected to achieve net profit of 96 million yuan to 96.35 million yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 80.60% - 80.90% over the previous three quarters. However, the company mainly predicts based on the first half of the operating results. Because the unregistered shares of Inville Technology Performance Compensation are affected by the price of the secondary stock market, the performance forecast is uncertain. u3002

It is expected that the net profit growth in the first three quarters will double, along with shares, Yunda shares, Baoding Technologies, Dajin Heavy Industries and so on. These stocks changed hands this week, while gaining more than 10% growth.

As a result of the companys continuous optimization of product plan, the change of product sales structure and exchange rate led to the increase of gross interest rate and gross profit. The company expects net profit of 17 million yuan to 25 million yuan in the first three quarters, an increase of 4363 times to 60.98 times over the same period of last year. Yunda shares were affected by the rush to load, shipments increased in 2019, turning losses into profits in the first three quarters, an increase of 149% to 164% year on year. The commissioning of Phase II of Penglai Dajin Ocean Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., a Dajin Heavy Industry Factor Company, has increased the companys net profit by more than 100% to 150% over the same period last year.

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