Media review of Wuxi accident: how are overloaded giants on the road?

 Media review of Wuxi accident: how are overloaded giants on the road?

After the rollover accident of Wuxi 312 National Highway bridge deck, a traffic recorder took a picture of the moment of overturning. The first driver to be seen was a tricycle driver who had escaped. The survivor described his experience to the media afterwards, which was very exciting. But what worries me most is his story: the steel city where he works is less than 800 meters away from where the accident happened, and the death of the accident is not unfamiliar to the steel city. He is afraid of returning to fear, but in order to survive, he can only continue to work. He seemed to have had an inevitable fluke. Just be careful.

The stories of the rest of the life after the robbery fluctuate and have the embryonic form of a disaster blockbuster. And the dead life leaves only the sad song. One of the three deceased was a mother and daughter, whose mother was just 30 years old, whose daughter was still in kindergarten, and the other was a single father. The falling bridge deck brought their fate to a sudden halt. Are they not careful enough?

The accident happened at the peak of the evening of October 10, when a heavily overloaded truck overturned, the hot rolled coil fell off and the bridge deck overturned. Bridge experts involved in command and rescue analysis, a team of overloaded vehicles before the accident, there must be a period of time at the same time there are two large vehicles on the road at the same time.

On October 11, the accident investigation was officially launched. Vehicles, owners, legal representatives of transport enterprises and principal persons in charge and managers of cargo loading terminals have been taken compulsory measures in accordance with the law.

Overload is not a strange topic at all. Readers who have been paying attention to current affairs for a long time can even blurt out like reciting knowledge points. The crux of the problem of overload control lies in substituting punishment for management. The black history of Wuxi Successful Transport Co., Ltd., the party involved in the accident, has exposed another side, which is difficult to implement. In Tian Eye Check, the company has three administrative ruling records. The penalties involved are based on Article 64 of the Highway Safety Protection Ordinance. The overall outline size, axle load or total quality of trucks and goods exceeds the limit standards of highways, highway bridges, highway tunnels and automobile ferries. Because the company did not perform, the Highway Administration applied for enforcement. In March 2017, the company crashed an electric vehicle driver into a disabled vehicle in Zhejiang Province. The root cause of the accident was overloading.

Over the past few years, the domestic government has achieved initial success, and automatic weighing, electronic eyes and other technologies have also provided assistance. But on the other hand, why are there successful companies such as transport enterprises, repeatedly overloaded, but repeatedly on the road?

The viaduct in which the accident occurred is a single-column pier bridge, which is called vase pier in the industry. Single-column pier bridges are more popular in cities. If the structure is reasonable, the quality of the project passes through, and the safety surplus considered in road and bridge design, it does not mean that they are fragile. But you think, driving Wuxi National Highway is the legendary King of 100 tons, so the reassembled giant, weighing almost 100 cars, the force area is much smaller, the accident is no accident at all.

Some truck drivers told the media that some drivers took that road just to overload. The impression of the neighboring residents on this road is truck after truck. This section of national highway seems to be a regulatory blind spot. However, such a blind area is located in East China and even in the major steel trade town of the whole country. It is also close to a large steel wholesale market and logistics companies. On the one hand, there are hidden dangers, on the other hand, there is absent governance, which is negligent, almost incomprehensible, and very difficult to forgive.

In the perception of truck drivers, national highway inspection is not as strict as high-speed, which is almost a well-known secret. It is said that experienced drivers have also found the doorway, which road and which period of time no one is on duty, they have clear doors. Over the past few years, the management of high-speed overload has become increasingly stringent, but it seems that there is a slight gap in the national highway and transportation system. The profit-seeking illegal enterprises and drivers are cautious in running out of some safe routes.

Governing excess has worried the society for many years, but today, with the popularization of technology and the improvement of social governance system, it is not necessarily a dead knot. For example, through electronic monitoring system, Ningbo has implemented off-site law enforcement on expressways and trunk highways, and has carried out 24-hour uninterrupted strikes on overloaded vehicles. More importantly, there are penalties in different places and the system of dishonest lists to supplement the punishment and seek practical results. Some developed countries have done it more thoroughly, trucks are equipped with sensors, and overweight vehicles cant fire. Because of the salary system design, drivers can not find any incentive to overload. To put it bluntly, this is related to a whole set of governance system, which needs to be systematically debugged, leaked and filled in according to changes in the situation.

I have also witnessed large trucks crashing across viaducts in the evening rush hours, and the City neon reflects this picture in a trance and inconceivable way. When a heavy truck passes by, the cars on the road are always frightened and very careful. On the day of the Wuxi accident, a document of 2017 suddenly turned into an explosion. The author is a local teacher. He is very upset to see the big trucks coming and going on the inner ring viaduct. He is worried about how long the viaduct will last. Although he was talking about the inner city expressway, which is not the same as the national highway, the article still gives people a sense of alarm. He repeatedly dialed 110 and the citizen hotline to reflect the situation, which is as a concern for their own safety and public awareness of the citizens of caution. However, if social governance does not keep up with the individuals caution, can it really protect their own thoroughness?

Source: Unity Lake Reference Author: Zhang Jingwen Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_NN6799