Horseshoe Lu, a Hong Kong artist, was attacked by CCTV to reveal the hidden horror behind the incident

 Horseshoe Lu, a Hong Kong artist, was attacked by CCTV to reveal the hidden horror behind the incident

As for the beating of Hong Kong female artist Ma Tilu on the street, there have been a lot of media reports in the Mainland and Hong Kong these days. Most people know that she was beaten because of protesting against violent demonstrators. However, in Hong Kong and overseas media which incite violence, the style of painting is another kind. The footage of Horseshoe Lus defense after the attack was placed at the beginning of the video, which made it seem that Horseshoe Lu attacked the protestors first. Such reports mislead many people.

Finally, a journalist from Channel 7, the mainstream Australian media, truthfully reported the violence of rioters on the streets of Hong Kong, when he also rescued Horseshoe Lu injured by the rioters. But thats why hes being abused by mobs and cyberviolence. So the reporter, Robert Ovadia, not only wrote on his social account about the process from his good-hearted rescue of Horseshoe Lu to being besieged and abused by the mob, but also severely questioned the democratic demonstrators who used violence against those who disagreed with their views and asked them whether they were really defending democracy.

Thank the Western journalist for telling the truth. Originally, like those journalists in the British and American media, he also made reports that questioned the brutality of Hong Kong police enforcement. Even if you look at the violence on the street by the demonstrators, you can see that it happened occasionally for a reason. But in fact, all surface incidents are pulled by hidden lines. There are two hidden lines of terror behind the assault of horseshoe.

One hidden line is that from deception to terror, violent demonstrators are becoming more and more extreme and have no intention of stopping.

The incident in Hong Kong started with a counter-revision law. But when the SAR government announced the withdrawal of the amendment, the demonstrations did not stop, on the contrary, they became more and more violent. Why? At first, in order to deceive more Hong Kong people into participating in the parade, we made a big stirring public opinion in the process of anti-transporting. But when the SAR government withdraws the amendments and opens the dialogue, the public gradually wakes up and withdraws from the parade one after another. After all, confusing Hong Kong is of no benefit to them. Maintaining the rule of law and order and social stability is the publics appeal. At this time, the manipulators behind the scenes are no longer satisfied with deception, but use terror to frighten the citizens who want stability.

So what we see is that there are fewer and fewer mobs, but violence is escalating. This time, in dealing with horseshoe dew so horribly in the street, it is to intimidate public opinion and make ordinary people dare not speak out, especially in support of the government and the police.

Another hidden line is to manipulate public opinion, glorify violence and discredit patriotic and patriotic Hong Kong citizens.

Robert Ovadia witnessed the whole process of horseshoe being beaten. What he saw was that horseshoe protested against these demonstrators just because she exercised her rights. The single woman was attacked by a mob full of freedom and democracy. She was sprayed with chili powder, beaten, and pushed to the ground.

However, to Robert Ovadias anger, the Apple Daily, an organisation with a special connection to the demonstrators, completely distorted the truth of the attack on Horseshoe Lu by tailoring the facts. Apple Daily put the footage of Horseshoe Lus defense in the beginning of the video, as if she had attacked the protestors first.

Robert Ovadia said that the behavior of Apple Daily was political propaganda and that the current atmosphere in Hong Kong was toxic and dangerous.

From the reports of the assault on Horseshoe Lu and the yellow media and black record, we can clearly see the hidden lines of the mob and its backstage supporters intimidating patriotic and patriotic Hong Kong citizens and manipulating public opinion to glorify violence. However, the truth is the truth, and conscience will not be blinded forever.

Source: CCTV News Author: Hong Lins Responsible Editor: Su Honghong_NBJ9980