Sinking of a cargo ship carrying Chinese crew off the coast of Japan: 4 rescued and 8 missing

 Sinking of a cargo ship carrying Chinese crew off the coast of Japan: 4 rescued and 8 missing

A cargo ship sank at sea near Kawasaki, Japan. Four people were rescued and eight were missing. (Tuyuan: Asahi News)

Overseas Network Oct. 13, when typhoon Haibei ravaged Japan, Japanese media said that on the evening of 12 local time, a cargo ship sank at sea near Kawasaki City, Japan. There were 12 crew members on board, including Chinese. Four people have been rescued and eight others are missing.

The incident occurred at about 23:20 p.m. on the 12th, according to reports from Asahi News and Shimbun News of Japan on the 13th. According to the Maritime Security Department of Japans Tertiary Pipeline Area, the wrecked ship was only a Panamanian cargo ship (1925 tons) named Gadd, which unloaded its anchor on the sea about 3 kilometers southeast of Dongfan Island in Kawasaki District, Kawasaki City. After the incident, the nearby berthing vessels notified the Tokyo Bay Maritime Traffic Center that someone was seen upstream.

Reported that after receiving the notification, the Japanese maritime patrol boat immediately dispatched for search and rescue. As of 6:30 a.m. local time on the 13th, four crew members, including a Myanmar captain, a Vietnamese crew and two Chinese crew members, were rescued consciously. But the rescue work continued because the hull had not yet been found.

According to Japanese daily news and local media in Nagasaki, 3 of the 12 crew members are Burmese, 7 are Chinese and 2 are Vietnamese. The ship is said to have unloaded its anchor in the vicinity to avoid typhoon Haibeth. Considering the smell of oil and gas near the accident site, the Japanese security headquarters believed that the cargo ship sank for some reason and was conducting a detailed investigation.

Typhoon No. 19 of this year, Haibei, is ravaging Japan. Haibeisi landed on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan on the evening of 12, and then continued to move to the Kanto area. According to the latest report of Japan Release Association, Heibeth has caused 5 deaths, 17 missing, 106 injured in Japan, and many places sounded the warning of the highest levels of heavy rain and floods.

The Chinese Embassy in Japan issued typhoon related emergency reminders on its official website, calling on Chinese citizens to visit Japan and Chinese citizens to plan trips to pay attention to weather conditions in advance, adjust their journeys ahead of time, stay away from river courses, seaside and mountain areas to avoid natural disasters such as floods or landslides, so as to ensure safe travel.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Xiao Qi_N6799