European preliminaries - Saul World Pocaipa extra-time delivery point! Spain 1-1 Norway

 European preliminaries - Saul World Pocaipa extra-time delivery point! Spain 1-1 Norway

In the 5th minute, the Norwegian left pass, Joshua King fell in the penalty area when he took over. The referee did not say. In the 22nd minute, Stefan Johnson went straight into the restricted area and Elabravi crossed with flowers and feet. Joshua Golden Head was confiscated by Capa. In the 24th minute, Sauls pass was blocked and shot again by goalkeeper Alston. The 29th minute, Henrikson header ferry, Joshua - Golden penalty area small angle attack was blocked by Ramos from the bottom line. Norwegian player Nordwitt was injured and replaced in a subsequent corner kick attack.

Thirty-ninth minute, Sernas left to pick the forbidden area, Elab Bravi small angle attack was thrown out by Capa. In the 40th minute, Ruizs passing foot was blocked from the bottom line. Subsequently, Saul headed the top of the goal in Oyasavar corner kick. In the 45th minute, in the Norwegian corner pass, Ariel jumped up and headed off the baseline.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides and fought again. Only 1 minute and 02 seconds after the game started, Norways backcourt clearance was broken off by Busquets and the ball was scored by Sauls periphery, Spain was 1-0 ahead.

In the 48th minute, in Eds high corner pass, Joshua Golden headed off the baseline. Fifty-eighth minute, Spain corner pass, Saul header ferry was federated by A pyrolysis. In the 67th minute, Ruiz fired a long shot from the top of the arc, and the ball bounced out after hitting the crossbeam of the goal.

In the 68th minute, Ruiz obliquely passed the ball and Casola pushed it to the edge of the penalty area and shot hard, which was confiscated by Alston. In the 72nd minute, the Norwegian right oblique pass forbidden area, Soros headed back, Sernas volley attack was blocked. In the 79th minute, Joshua King burst into the restricted area and shot high. In the 89th minute, Ruizs shot was blocked by the goal post again.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Kappa was knocked over by a shot in the Elabrawi penalty area. The referee warned Kappa of the yellow card and then awarded a penalty to Norway. Joshua King hit the penalty and equalized the score. Norway drew 1-1 to Spain.

Norway (4231): 1-Alistan/2-Alesami, 3-Age, 6-Nordwitt (305-Hoffland), 14-Elabrawi/15-Sander-Berg, 19-Henrikson (8321-Bijon-Johnson)/18-Sernas, 20-Erdgao, 8-Stefan-Johnson (619-Soros)/7-Joshua-King

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