Football miracle! Shapi Kerns survivors of the air crash scored! A word from his teammate saved his life

 Football miracle! Shapi Kerns survivors of the air crash scored! A word from his teammate saved his life

In a word, let him escape from death

Rushchell never dreamed that his destiny would be completely changed by a single word.

On November 28, 2016, LA Flight 2933 left Bolivia for Colombia. There were 77 passengers on board, including 22 players from the Pekorns Club in Bajasha, 23 staff members and 21 journalists with the team. They are scheduled to compete in the South American Cup final with Colombias National Athletic Team for the championship.

After boarding the plane, Russell went to the back of the cabin as usual - there were plenty of empty seats, and he could lie down and sleep well. At this time, a familiar voice came to my ear.

Mouse is Rushchells nickname because he is short and thin and looks like a mouse. He was called Jackson Furman, a substitute goalkeeper for Shapi Kearns, and an old friend of Russells for more than a decade.

No, I want to sit back. I want to sleep. Russell answered.

Come on, brother, listen to music with me. With Formans persistence, Russell sat reluctantly beside him.

Whether or not he can win the championship or not, reaching the final is the best result in Shapeikos44-year team history. The players were quite relaxed, laughing and playing cards on the plane, until 30 minutes later, the disaster came.

All lights in the cabin went out instantaneously and the powerless plane crashed. The bewildered began to pray wildly, and someone shouted, What happened? Did anyone say a word?

Then everything fell into the darkness called death.

When he woke up again, Russell found himself lying in hospital. Instead of telling him about the crash, my father tricked him into saying, You were injured in the crash. That made Russell think that the rest of his teammates were safe and sound.

When his condition stabilized, the doctor told him the cruel truth: it was not a forced landing, but an air crash. Only six of the 77 passengers survived, of which only three were players.

Hearing that, my whole world collapsed. All day long, I did nothing but stare. My first reaction is that its just a nightmare. Its not true at all. Ill wake up soon.

However, few people think that Russell can continue to play football.

His spine was severely fractured, and the spur almost penetrated the bone marrow. It was only a few millimetres short of the bone marrow, and he was paralyzed. This made him so scared that even now, If the rescue team worked too hard, I might be finished.

Forman, who saved his life, lost his right foot and eventually had to choose amputation.

Back on the court, he didnt want to be a mascot.

Russell never gave up his efforts to return to the stadium. Ten days after the crash, he was able to walk with the help of others.

In March 2017, just four months after the crash, Russell returned to Shapeikostraining ground to meet his new teammates with a smile. Death has taken away almost all of Shapi Kearnss first team, a brand new team composed mainly of young players and other club loan players.

In April, Shapi Kearns took part in the South American Super Cup as the champion of the South American Cup. Coincidentally, their opponent is Colombias national sport. Four months ago, it was National Athletics that announced the transfer of the South American Cup champion to Shapi Kearns. Before the late finals began, Russell, along with two other survivors, Nato and Forman, received warm greetings from fans.

In August, Shapi Kearns was invited by Barcelona to participate in the Gamber Cup. Russell put on the captains armband and started the game for 35 minutes. After the game, Messi volunteered to go forward and exchange jerseys with Russell.

Keep a humble heart all the time, and realize your insignificance, then you can feel happy. When you really feel the love from the people around you, life is complete. Rushchell took a photo with Messi and wrote down such a sentiment.

On September 1, Shapi Kearns played a friendly against Italian giants Roma. The dominant Roma took only 50 minutes to take a 4-0 lead, but the focus was on another memorable moment: in the 56th minute, Shapi Kearns won a penalty and Russell took the ball to the penalty spot.

He lowered his head, lifted his socks carefully and took a deep breath, seeming to instill all his thoughts into this foot. Perhaps out of respect for this tenacious life, Lobante, the old Roman god, had no intention of releasing water at all, not only predicted accurately, but also responded quickly enough. But Russells penalty kick was so good that it almost touched the post and flew into the corner.

Two weeks later, in the first round of the last 16 of the South American Cup, Shapikorns played Flamengo. Russell played for 73 minutes to help the team win zero and announce his return to the professional arena.

So far, Rushchells inspirational story looks like a fairy tale, but there are no fairy tales in the real world.

Before the crash, Russell was only a substitute for Shapi Keynes, but now he has become a star figure, this special aura let him bear a lot of criticism, in some peoples view, the ability of mediocre Russell is the beneficiaries of the crash.

In the summer of 2019, Russell, who had heard all these rumors, made an unexpected decision: to leave Shapi Kearns and join the Balkan side Goas on loan.

As Russells special identity, even if he cant play the main role, he can still stay on and the club does not want to lose such a flagship figure. But Russell didnt want to be what people call a mascot. He wanted to fight for his voice.

I want to prove that I dont need anybodys pity, I dont need to rely on Shapi Kearns, I can also play at a high level.

I helped Shapi Kearns get to Balkan and win the South American Cup. Unfortunately, people tend to overemphasize air crashes and ignore them. I joined Goas to shut up the doubters. I didnt come here because Shape Kearns couldnt get along. On the contrary, I wanted to do my best and find new challenges.

Wounds that can never be erased

Russell has created incredible miracles one after another by surviving, returning to the stadium and scoring goals. But the disaster still left him a lifetime of difficult to let go of the knot.

One day, I was playing games with Nato, one of the three survivors mentioned earlier, and I thought of my former teammates.

I said,Dude, do you remember Manuel? He used to like it that way.

Nato:Ah, its like these people are still around us.

We were so sad all of a sudden that when you do, you realize that these guys are really gone forever, and it hurts me a lot.

Every day I think about Danilo and his family. Hes our goalkeeper and my best friend. For me, hes special. When I realize hes gone, I cant extricate myself from the moment of sadness.

Danilo was the second person rescued in the air crash. At that time, he had signs of life. He even called his wife to report his safety, but he died because of ineffective medical treatment. His last words are: Brothers are still waiting for me in heaven, they lack a goalkeeper.

If the air crash taught me anything, it was to live in the present. You never know whats going to happen in 10 minutes, so if you have any dreams, or something you really want to do, do it right away. Do everything you can to enrich your life. Dont wait until tomorrow. The ghost knows what tomorrow is waiting for you.

As the only person in that sad team who sticks to the green field, Russell will carry the wishes of his brothers and continue to move forward.

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